Today’s youth are our future, and education doesn’t have to stop during summer vacation. Most people only see Las Vegas as bright lights, world-wide conferences, extravagant shows and around the clock gaming. In spite of Sin City being a playground for adults, the valley’s children are precious jewels. Having said that, Clark County offers a summer line-up of various opportunities of activities designed for young personalities targeting their interest during their formative years. Guardians, we’re exploring summer education that’s hands-on and lots of fun!
Las Vegas-Clark County District Club Read 

There’s this saying, “The best things in life are free,” and at the Las Vegas Clark County Library District, children are able to participate in their neighborhood “LVCCLD Club Read” without the pressure of keeping up with their classmates. Reading is fundamental, therefore, LVCCLD opens the horizon for toddlers and teenagers! On top of that, children will be entertained while instilling the importance of setting goals and feeling good about accomplishing them. Find your neighborhood LVCCLD to learn about the hours and the fun activities prepared for your children this summer. It’s a summer they’ll never forget.

Spring Preserve Summer Fun Camp 

The Spring Preserve Fun Camp is a summer filled with all sorts of exciting weekly experiences for children ages 6-12. Each week, children will jump at the chance to learn while discovering the various creatures underneath the dirt and life beyond the human touch. Not only that, the kids will be occupied until August 25, from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., anxious to share all the things they learned, observed and participated in. Interested? Contact Spring Preserve Fun Camp at (702) 822-7700

UNLV’s Liftoff With Stem

It’s obvious, there’s a physicist or a rocket scientist in the house.  In that case, UNLV’s Math Department offers Liftoff With STEM 2016 (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) for future middle and high school scholars!  Running June 15 – July 25, the next generation of astronauts will learn, explore, challenge and widen the countless facet of STEM.  Additionally, every STEM enthusiast will be among their peers and spend time away from home for approximately four weeks on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  For more information contact UNLV or contact

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The Mob Museum 

At one time, it was obvious that the Mob existed in Las Vegas, Nevada and played a big part in the city’s growth, as well as history.  Saying that, the Mob Museum invites young people, ages 11-14 to get the scoop on how organized crime bosses got along with the Las Vegas police department. On July 27 – 31, from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., the Mob Museum opens the door for children to play a part in mock trials, tours and so much more. Sign up today, visit the Mob Museum’s  website and search “Special Agents Of Summer.”

Discovery Children’s Museum 

If adventure is what they want, adventure is what they will get throughout Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although Discovery Children’s Museum unlocks the minds of learning year-round, summer activities are the best for the curious young mind who’s eager to find out the reason why so many stars are in the sky or uncover the parts of their pink tongue. It’s easy to sign your child up! Starting July 11- August 5, ages 6-12, kids will love the idea that learning is so much fun, and your child will be excited to go every day.  In addition, the itineraries focus on stimulating programs mornings and afternoons. Need more information? Contact Discovery Children’s Museum 2016 Summer Camp Guide.

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