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New Research Suggests 'Puppy Dog Eyes' A Product Of EvolutionResearchers suggest the inner eyebrow raising movement triggers a nurturing and caring response in humans because it makes the dogs' eyes appear larger and more infant-like.
RoboCop Reporting For Duty In Huntington ParkThe Huntington Beach City Council Tuesday got its first look at the newest member of the city's police force — a robot.
Cancer Patient Comes Forward With Allegations Against Former UCLA DoctorAnother victim came forward with accusations against a former University of California Los Angeles doctor.
Attorneys For Off-Duty Cop, Victim's Family Speak OutThe attorney representing the off-duty officer who shot three people, killing one, in a Costco store in Corona has released a statement saying the officer "feared for his life." The family's attorney, however, said there was no justification for the off-duty officer's actions.
Former Member Files Harassment Lawsuit Against Church Of ScientologyA woman initiated legal action against the Church of Scientology saying she was harassed by the organization after leaving the church and appearing in the "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" series.
Female Driver Wanted After Walking Away From Fatal Crash In North HillsA female driver of a white Lexus is wanted Monday after walking away from a deadly Father's Day crash in North Hills.
Off-Duty LAPD Employee Accused Of Videotaping In Men's Bathroom At Angel StadiumAn off-duty Los Angeles Police Department employee has been accused of surreptitiously filming inside the men's room at Angel Stadium.
Trump Starts Reelection Campaign With Rally In FloridaPresident Donald Trump launched his reelection campaign in Florida with a rally.

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