Las Vegas and Henderson have some of the best breweries and microbreweries to be found. Some offer tours while for others, you need “guided experiences” to visit. Whether you go in your car, on a tour bus or in a fancy limo, you can be certain to be offered quite a few libations when you do pay them a call. From the Booze District to brew pubs and casinos with their own microbreweries, pick a designated driver and choose your favorite brews, or leave the driving to the professionals and drink responsibly.
The Artisan Booze District
7330 Eastgate Road, Unit 110
Henderson, NV 89011
(844) 787-0700

The Booze District is close enough to the Strip to be convenient, but far enough away (15 minutes or so) to make the trip a destination all its own. Here you can visit an “alliance of family-owned beverage manufacturers” who have amalgamated to offer you the ultimate tour of several different establishments. It’s more than just about the beer: you can also enjoy wine tasting, some hard liquor, and, soon to come, the experience of a chocolatier’s paradise. Just think of it as your Nevada version of the Magnificent Seven, an “all-in-one” booze stop. Some of the best options are listed below.

Las Vegas Distillery
Artisan Booze District
73300 Eastgate Road, Unit 100
Henderson, NV 89011
(702) 629-7534

Learn about the historic past of the connection between booze and Las Vegas, as presented by this die-hard family who overcame all challenges to keep their “Copper Angels” flying. You will have the chance to sample seven spirits including rum, vodka, gin, moonshine (plus Grandma’s Apple Pie Moonshine) and Seven Grain Whiskey (plus a seasonal surprise). This is included in the “Las Vegas Copper Angels Tour.” See the process from start to finish and learn all you ever wanted to know about the production of their moonshine (and don’t forget to pick up your free souvenir on the way out).

CraftHaus Brewery
7350 Eastgate Road, Suite 110
Henderson, NV 89011
(702) 462-5934

When you visit CraftHaus, you get the total tour as you are guided through the taproom and brewery. Learn the process and see how the working facility operates, then learn the history of this brewery. Of course, the tour ends with the grand guided tasting experience as you try different beer styles by following the genesis of their craft beers. Get 10 percent off any purchase and take home a free souvenir to remember your visit.

Bad Beat Brewing
7380 Eastgate Road, Suite 110
Hederson, NV 89011
(702) 463-4199

This microbrewery literally just opened its door, offering an appropriate (for Vegas) poker-themed brewpub, as former pro poker player, Nathan Hall, and brewer, Weston Barkley, joined GM Mike Dominiak to bring this experience to life. The theme is rustic, with pallet-wood walls in the taproom, and shuffleboard, darts and Nintendo waiting to be played. Crafted in small batches to ensure quality and a unique experience, this is definitely a place to be reckoned with, as you “drink to win” and have fun in the process.

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Banger Brewing
450 Fremont St., Suite 135
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 456-2739

This craft brewery in the historic Fremont St. area of Las Vegas offers some truly unusual ales (including fruit infusions and pepper). They also offer free tours of the facility that are limited to eight adults (over 21 years of age). They teach you all about the fresh ingredients and methods used to produce their craft beers. This group of five high school friends all got into the food and beverage industry at the Bellagio, learning everything they could before traveling the world to learn even more. As adults, they decided to open a business together, joined by their friend, Michael “Banger” Beaman, a brew master in his own right, and thus Banger Brewing was started. Their aim has been to offer fresh craft beer made by Las Vegans for Las Vegans, in order to put Las Vegas on the map as the producer of some of the best product available today.

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Sin City Brew Tours
(702) 518-1727

If you are looking to find tour companies to drive you safely on guided tours, you can check into Sin City Brew Tours, who will drive you to three different facilities in town to have the full experience. Don’t just stay at one place, when you can see the inner-workings of several top breweries all in one day! You can check availability for their next scheduled tour and sign up for $99 (includes transportation, entrance, samples and snacks) or, for something a bit more personal, you can schedule your own customized tour.

If you want something different – a bus tour for a group of four or more – Brews Cruise Las Vegas may be to your liking, while for something intimate and costly — a perfect tour for a special occasion — the Las Vegas Brewery Tour for 2 offers deluxe accommodations in a luxurious stretch limo with complementary refreshments.

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