Not all breeders are created equal. When the time comes for you to search for that special four-legged friend, you want health, social skills and a companion for life. If you intend to show your pet, that means looking for a breeder registered with the AKC or TICA, to ensure that they are reputable and qualified to provide you with just the right dog or cat for your home. Read on for a list of some of the best breeders in the Las Vegas area.


PrintAllEarz Savannahs
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 706-4228

These breeders started their business after falling in love with their first savannah, Simon. He became part of their family and they were so captivated that they decided to become a small, in-home cattery specializing in spoiled and pampered savannah kittens for loving pet owners. They show their own felines as members of the TICA and the Savannah Cat Club’s Breed Group and are more than willing to talk about the breed with enthusiasm. They are discriminating breeders, so kittens may not always be available, since they believe in quality over quantity. They say, “We are picky about the homes we place our kittens into – we want our kittens to be spoiled for life!”

SilverStateBengalsSilver State Bengals
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 425-0709

Silver State Bengals is a small family cattery in Las Vegas. These breeders share their passion for this fascinating breed of cat by selective breeding and participation in cat shows. They advocate bengals as intelligent and curious cats, who greet you at the door and come when they are called, fetching toys and walking on a leash. Best of all, they don’t shed! Silver State Bengals hand-raise the kittens as part of the family, with exposure to children, other cats and dogs. All kittens have a complete health check with vaccines, litter box training, are spayed or neutered and are registered with the TICA before you take them home. After sale, Silver State will still offer follow-up support for any questions. Silver State Bengals is a proud member of TICA, The International Bengal Cat Society and the International Bengal Cat Connection – Bengals Illustrated.

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RedRockCanyonRedrock Canyon Cane Corso
Curt and Melanie Gerbers
Red Rock, NV
(702) 328-3183

Curt and Melanie Gebers started Redrock Canyon Cane Corso after raising their first corso, Thor. It fueled their love for the breed, and they presently have seven corsi in their family. Redrock Canyon promotes excellence in health and temperament. Their dogs are from world champions and international champion bloodlines, and are ranked among the best of breed at AKC shows. They have very limited litters, raised with care to ensure quality of the breed.

Geoff and Kathie
(775) 751-1628
Las Vegas, NV

Geoff and Kathie have been breeders of weimaraner dogs for over 11 years. They treat them like their own children: the dogs sleep on doggy pillows, play with them and have free run of the house. They also enjoy over an acre of fenced yard to play in, instead of kennels, cages or runs, and Geoff or Kathy are present at every whelping, keeping the puppies in the bedroom until they are at least four weeks old, when they go into a monitored “nursery.” They cherish their dogs and are very protective of the little ones. They don’t breed all of the dogs, since some have been rescued from abusive homes. Pups that are bred are done so for health and exceptional temperaments. VegasWeims is registered with the AKC and all adoptable dogs have received the best possible series of vaccinations with herbal supplements to protect their immune systems. They attempt to rehabilitate their rescued weimaraners, trying to re-establish trust, and if they are successful, these dogs are adopted to loving homes at no fee.

DaedreamSheltiesDaedream Shelties

Dixie Eigenrauch
Henderson, NV 89011
(702) 564-6963

Daedream Shelties is a member of the AKC and the owners breed to the AKC Shetland Sheepdog Standard as set by the American Shetland Sheepdog Association (ASSA). Daedream was a hobby kennel started to improve the health and quality of shetland sheepdogs (aka Shelties). Dixie started the kennel after growing to love a dog accidentally purchased from a puppy mill. The pup was sold to her as a collie, but she discovered that she was a sheltie and soon grew committed to the care of the breed. Dixie is also the rescue coordinator for Shetland Sheepdog Club of Southern Nevada and Rescue. All of her dogs are tested before breeding to ensure the health and quality of the puppies, thus producing dogs with excellent temperaments, beauty and intelligence. They consider all of the dogs as house pets first, raising the pups in their home and loving each of them as a member of the family.

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