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With Halloween quickly approaching, just about everyone is looking for a genuine scare. While the well-known attractions can be fun, it’s the lesser-known areas that are sometimes most frightening. Many of these places garner attention because of the urban legends and firsthand accounts that result in these spots being haunted by ghosts of the past. Below is a list of some of the spookiest spots in Las Vegas. Visit them if you dare.

Fox Ridge Park
420 Valle Verde Drive
Henderson, NV 89012
(702) 267-5710

A young ghost haunts this park at night and often goes swinging. Rumors circulate that a drunk driver unfortunately took the child’s life but others say that his death was caused by accidentally running in front of an oncoming car. Regulars claim that other spirits roam this park as well, but none are quite as popular as the young boy. He is not to be disturbed if you see him on his swing. Some say that if he is bothered, he will take on a demonic form and then disappear. Swing beside him if you dare but be sure to look away.

Dell H. Robison Middle School
825 Marion Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89110
(702) 799-7300

More than a few new students have made claims about being haunted by the ghost of a janitor once they began attending Dell H. Robison. No one seems to know the story behind this janitor, but he is usually spotted in the hallways with bloody hands. It is also said that the ghostly janitor will follow new students home after they have seen him. At random, the ghost will disappear and appear again. Supposedly, the only way to end his haunting is by attending church.

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The Sandhill and Charleston Tunnels
Sandhill Road
Las Vegas, NV 89110

The stretch of Sandhill Road between Sahara Avenue and Charleston Boulevard is said to have some lurking spirits below. There are flood tunnels beneath the freeway and strange occurrences have been reported from within them. The mysterious voices of a man and woman that are rumored to have been killed in the area may be haunting the tunnels but that still doesn’t explain the old woman that people say will chase drivers down the dirt roads of Sandhill and Sahara. Luckily, she is said to disappear as soon as you leave her street.

Little Choo Choo Daycare
3335 Wynn Road
Las Vegas, NV 89101

The Little Choo Choo Daycare is now closed but restless spirits are believed to haunt the area where it once stood. The business ceased operations after the suicide of a teacher and the accidental death of a child who was dragged along the tracks underneath the toy train. Some spirits are known to pop up and quickly disappear. There has also been more than one sighting here of a small boy digging with a shovel.

The Flamingo Hotel and Casino
3555 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 733-3111

Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, one of the most infamous mobsters to date, is known to be one of the spirits that inhabit the Flamingo. During his life, Bugsy took interest in the hotel/casino and invested in it. He and his partners soon ran the operation and later opened the establishment, which still stands on the strip. Siegel was gunned down in Beverly Hills, California and the enemies that he made while manipulating the finances for the Flamingo quickly took over the property. Bugsy Siegel added a lot of personal touches to the hotel and it seems that even in death, he is not yet ready to vacate the building.

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