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British actress Olivia Colman finds global acclaim with "The Favourite"Actress Olivia Colman is known for starring in several popular British TV shows. Now she's gettting praise on the global stage with a Golden Globe best actress nomination for "The Favourite." She's also set to take over the role of Queen Elizabeth in Netflix's third season of "The Crown." Mark Phillips spoke to the actress about the challenges of playing two queens, and the Oscar buzz she's getting.
Olivia Colman on playing royalty in "The Favourite" and "The Crown"The Golden Globe-nominated actress talks about portraying Queen Anne in the blistering dark comedy, and taking over the role of Queen Elizabeth in the Netflix series
See the first trailer for "Avengers: Endgame"It's a dark time for the surviving Avengers
The unstoppable Cardi BIt's been an extraordinary year for Cardi B, the woman who keeps beating the odds. Last summer's smash, "Bodak Yellow," catapulted her to the top of the Billboard charts, and she became the first female rapper to have three Billboard #1 singles. She's just earned five Grammy nominations for her latest album, "Invasion of Privacy." The Bronx native talks with correspondent Maurice DuBois about her very public persona, from her early years as a stripper to her social media presence.
The style of designer Ralph Lauren"Sunday Morning" host Jane Pauley talks with 79-year-old fashion legend Ralph Lauren, who gives her a tour of his 20,000-acre Colorado ranch, and talks about the origins of his Polo brand, the purpose of fashion, and his own longevity. (Portions of this interview were originally aired on the "Sunday Morning" primetime special, September 14, 2018.)
Cardi B on her determination: "I get up every single time, honey"The first female rapper with three Billboard #1 singles, who just received five Grammy nominations, talks about her drive to succeed and being "very reachable" to her fans