Sir Patrick Stewart returns as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the highly anticipated new CBS All access series Star Trek: Picard. The veteran stage and screen actor first played the beloved Star Trek: The Next Generation character in 1987, and continued for seven seasons and four movies. Now Captain Picard is back despite some initial trepidation from the man who brings this iconic character to life.

“I believed we had said it, the story was told. To add anything else would perhaps even be harmful to the original,” said Stewart. “Not only was this ok but it was actually taking the whole star trek next generation and put it in different location at a different time, with different ethics. I was hooked.”

Stewart also went into detail on the role that both Star Fleet and The Federation will play in this new chapter of the Star Trek saga.

“Neither of these organizations turn out to be quite what they were but there have been changes, shifts in policy in attitude it very much represents in some senses what is happening in the world today.”

If you haven’t done so already be sure to subscribe to CBS All Access as the only place to catch Star Trek: Picard when it premieres tomorrow, Thursday, January 23rd.