(CBS LOCAL)- CBS’ newest action-adventure drama kicks off tonight at 9:00PM ET/PT with the world premiere of Blood & TreasureMatt Barr and Sofia Pernas star as a mismatched duo comprised of a brilliant antiquities expert and a cunning art thief who team up to catch a ruthless terrorist who funds his criminal operations through stolen treasure.

CBS Local’s Matt Weiss caught up Barr and Pernas ahead of tonight’s premiere to get the inside scoop on how this show came about, the cast’s relationships and how one show can be a mix of Indiana Jones, Braveheart and Gladiator.

MW- Good morning Matt and Sofia! How are you both doing today?

MB- Doing well!

SP- Great, thanks Matt!

MW- very excited to talk about Blood And Treasure with the two of you. This show has a very unique concept, very different from a lot of what’s on TV. What made each of you want to be involved in this project from the jump, Sofia why don’t we start with you?

SP- The title was the first thing, they had me at blood [laughs]. Then I read the script and met Lexi and the fact that I even have the honor of playing her was so many star aligning moments for me. It’s a script for everybody. I keep telling my family and friends this show is every movie you’ve ever loved, The Mummy, National Treasure, you name it; a flavor of that is in here. I think coming through those old stomping grounds will be very nostalgic for viewers.

MB- I was a kid like probably every kid who wanted to be Indiana Jones, I wanted to be a professional treasure hunter…so I became an actor. I always wanted to make a treasure hunter series with the DNA of Indiana Jones, it’s a dream show.

MW- I’ve heard a lot of positives about this cast’s chemistry, what it been like on set?

MB- When you all have the same vision for something and you all grew up with the same types of shows and movies; we all understood the show we’re making. When you share a passion for someone, the hours and the long days of making a show are so fun. You’re never really working.

SP- Just the collective knowledge that Matt and one of the creators of our show, Stephen Scaia have. Their collective compendium of films is unbelievable, they can riff off each other all day.

MB- We steal a lot from all the great movies and shows from the past few decades.

SP- It was that commonality where we all became a big family. We’re all just kids who haven’t grown up yet…but we’re still professional!

MB- A little bit.

SP- A little bit! But we have a good time and really the one uniting factor is we all loved to be there, we wanted to be there and we considered ourselves so lucky to be there.

MW- Sofia your character is real wildcard and Matt yours is a bit more straight-laced, by the book. Can you share how you two play off each other in these lead roles?

MB- It’s fun, it creates a lot of comedy because our characters approach every situation completely differently. Over the series we start to find those parts of each other that we like and that serve us well.

SP- I think that’s what makes it fun to watch is each episode that goes by you watch them find their groove. It’s a fun dance to watch as they go through their hot and cold.

MB- It’s like the people you love the most, a family member or a girlfriend or boyfriend and they drive you nuts because you know each other so well.

SP- We know each other’s nuclear buttons, we have the codes and we know how to get each other real riled up.

MB- But it’s all grounded with real care and love.

MW- For people interested in checking out the show, what can they look forward to the most from this series?

SP- If you want action, romance, comedy – all of those things entwined then this is the show for you!

MB- If you love movies, if you like adventure, if you like Gladiator and Braveheart and Top Gun. If you like good entertainment.

SP- If you like Minority Report [laughs].

MB- If you want to find gold at the end of the rainbow, watch this show.

SP- Truly though, it’s a hell of a ride.

MW- I think that covers just about everyone [laughs]. I’m very excited to watch tonight’s premiere and thank you so much to both of you for taking the time to speak with me today. All the best with the show and hope we can chat again soon!

MB- Thanks Matt!

SP- Thank you so much! Take care!

Blood & Treasure premieres tonight at 9:00PM ET/PT, only on CBS. Check your local listings for more information.