LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – In the wake of Steve Wynn’s resignation as CEO of Wynn Resorts late Tuesday, some former employees of the casino mogul are now speaking out, describing sexual harassment and other allegations against the Vegas billionaire dating back decades.

On Wednesday’s “The Alan Stock Show,” KXNT’s Alan Stock spoke with Charlotte Arrowsmith, one of 11 plaintiffs in a harassment case against her former employer from her time working as a waitress at the Mirage during the 1990s.

“This man has been lying for all these years and finally, someone has listened,” Arrowsmith said.

Arrowsmith discussed a meeting where Wynn berated a group of female employees about their weight, calling them “fat asses” and warning them to lose the weight — or risk losing their job.

Arrowsmith paraphrased Wynn’s words, recalling Wynn saying, “Some of you have let yourselves go…you have fat asses and you’re going to lose your fat asses or I’m going to transfer you to departments that it will not matter what uniforms you wear, because you no longer compliment my cocktail uniform.”

“For a woman, that man humiliated us to the core,” Arrowsmith said. “There’s a side of him that he lies about.”

Listen to the complete Charlotte Arrowsmith interview with Alan Stock above.


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