CARSON CITY, NV (KXNT) – Progressive groups in Nevada say President Trump made few concessions to opponents and mostly stuck to a hard line on issues like the environment and immigration in last night’s state of the Union address.

Nevada progressive groups also said they’re disappointed in President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech. Although he offered general support for fighting opioid addiction, getting felons back to work and lowering prescription-drug prices, Trump continued his attacks on immigrants and barely mentioned the environment. Erika Casto, a DACA recipient who works with the group PLAN Action, said the president’s offer of a path to citizenship for Dreamers should not be contingent on funding for a border wall or preventing immigrants from sponsoring members of their extended family.

“He only is looking to further criminalize people, like my parents, that are undocumented, and people of color in general. This isn’t a solution, it’s just another attack on our community. When he talks about ending ‘chain migration,’ that’s just another racist way that he wants to block family reunification and keep families apart,” said Casto.

President Trump mostly focused on national security, energy and the economy, taking credit for record low unemployment among minority groups, and for gains in the stock market.

Meanwhile, Nevada environmental groups said the State of the Union address was notable for not for what was said, but for what the president didn’t say. Vinny Spotleson with the Nevada Conservation League noted that Trump brought up American’s resilience after Hurricane Harvey’s floods and the wildfires in California, but didn’t acknowledge what many scientist consider a major contributing factor–the warming climate.

“But Trump failed to mention any role that climate change played in those and then, later in the speech, actually talked with glee about ending the ‘war on clean coal,'” Spotleson said.

President Trump made no mention of his recent tariff on foreign solar panels, which negatively affects Nevada’s solar installation industry, and focused instead on renegotiating trade deals he considers unfair. He talked up the U.S. as an energy exporter, but did not disclose his plans to shrink some national monuments or open up much of the American coastline to oil drilling.

However Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian released the following statement in response to President Trump’s State of the Union address:

“Tuesday night, President Trump’s State of the Union address highlighted the major achievements of his administration during his first year. For those of us who supported Donald Trump throughout the 2016 election, it was a night of great pride and vindication. In candidate Trump we saw a leader with the potential to restore American exceptionalism and under President Trump, we’re seeing just that. America’s march toward a greater, mover prosperous future is advancing at an historic rate. I, along with all of Nevada’s MAGA movement family, continue supporting and fighting for the America First agenda. We’ve seen how powerful the impact has been after just one year, and I’m confident that its benefits will continue to strengthen and grow our country in years to come,” said Tarkanian.

  1. Deal With it Progressives. It’s time we start being the Law & Order our Country was founded on. By using the word Immigrants or Dreamers without the Illegal in front of it doesn’t justify them staying in Our Country. As an American citizen I’m tired of being told I’m the bad guy because I want the laws of our Country enforced. Here in NV we even have a Senator who calls Illegals Her People because she a Latino. Wonder why people voted for Trump this is a prime example of WHY. As a Citizen I’m not looking for favors, All I want to see for the American Citizens like myself is Country of Laws that are enforce for all American Citizens & Politician’s who make decisions on what’s good for the Country & It’s Citizens. It’s time to stop all this Kissing @$$ for Special Groups some of which are not even American Citizens. As for people who are in Our Country Illegally I hold nothing against them, but the fact they have Broken Our Law & are Costing the Taxpayers Money that should be used for the American Citizens Families. In other word it Time to change who’s @$$ they should be Kissing & start kissing that the American Citizen’s. A veteran & a Life Long Citizen who ‘s watching our Country going to Hell in the Fast Lane.

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