LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – It’s coming upon us once again… the time where we’ll be hearing groups, organizations and people endorse a candidate for political office. Now the Clark County Education Association is getting the jump, by officially endorsing current Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak for governor.

In a statement the group wrote, that CCEA is proud and excited to endorse Steve Sisolak as the next Governor of Nevada. Sisolak will lead Nevada forward in growing our economy where middle-class jobs are created and the quality of life for all Nevadans improves. Sisolak is a long-time leader of our community with a vision that is grounded in getting results. More importantly, Sisolak will help lead in finding solutions to improve our public education system so that every child has an opportunity to get a good education and live the American dream. Sisolak is pragmatic and has a strong level of effectiveness in bringing parties together to driver results and get the job done.

Through his time in public service positions both as a County Commissioner and serving on the Board of Regents, Sisolak has become well-versed on the issues the Clark County School District is confronted with and is prepared to meet those challenges face on. His strategic vision and fierce commitment to resolve public education issues are in alignment with CCEA’s objective in making progress for the 18,000 educators that teach in our schools. If elected, Sisolak will be the first Democratic Governor of Nevada in the 21st century, and the potential is a new and very exciting chapter for the State.

Clark County Education Association (CCEA) is a union representing 18,000 educators in the fifth largest school district in the nation. CCEA engages in issue-based advocacy and works in a bi-partisan fashion to advance the best interest of public education and elevating the education profession to ensure the 320,000 students in Clark County receive the best education possible. Learn more at http://www.ccea-nv-org.


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