LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – The Clark County School District’s (CCSD) final graduation rate for the Class of 2017 is a record high of 83.22 percent, an increase of 8.34 percent over the previous year, according to final data compiled by the Nevada Department of Education.

“Over the past five years, our schools and all of the people in them have been focused on the success of every student in every classroom,” said Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky. “We are seeing yet again that hard efforts pay off with more students graduating this year prepared to succeed and contribute in a diverse global society. Congratulations to every employee who made this success happen,” Skorkowsky said.

CCSD continues to make progress in improving its graduation rate. During the past seven years, the graduation rate has increased from 59.34 percent in 2011 to 83.22 percent in 2017. The increase in the graduation rate is also reflected in the number of graduates, as the Class of 2017 was CCSD’s largest ever, with 20,030 graduates.

“We set a goal to obtain a graduation rate of 82 percent by 2018-19. I couldn’t be more proud that we reached our target, and we did so two years earlier than projected,” said Board of School Trustees President Deanna L. Wright. “We will remain focused on continuing to reach all the goals outlined in the district’s Pledge of Achievement strategic plan to increase student achievement and ensure all students graduate college or career ready,” said Wright.

Eight CCSD schools posted 100 percent graduation rates and they include:

*Advanced Technologies Academy

*College of Southern Nevada -East

*College of Southern Nevada-South

*College of Southern Nevada-West

*Laughlin High School

*Northwest Career and Technical Academy

*Southwest Career and Technical Academy

*Veterans Tribute Career and Technical Academy

While most schools posted impressive gains in their graduation rates, the schools with the highest increase in their graduation rates were:

*Laughlin High School-100 percent form 76.47-an increase of 23.53 percent

*Del Sol Academy of the Performing Arts-91.28 percent from 70.82-an increase of 20.46 percent

*Mojave High School-84.74 percent from 66.6-an increase of 18.14 percent

*Sunrise Mountain High School-92.21 percent from 75.75 percent-an increase of 16.46 percent

*Canyon Springs High School-91.48 percent from 75.18-an increase of 16.3 percent

*Cheyenne High School-91.6 percent from 78.21-an increase of 13.39 percent

CCSD also continues to make gains in all ethnic subgroups.

“I am so proud of the work that is done in our school every day, and the graduation rate is evidence of our educators throughout CCSD,” said Wright.



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