LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – Clark County’s Department of Building and Fire Prevention and the Department of Air Quality are donating scores of teddy bears and stuffed toys to the Clark County Fire Department at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, December 12, as part of the annual “Comfort Critters” effort.

The Clark County Fire Department is presented with the annual donation in the parking lot outside the Department of Building and Fire Prevention’s headquarters at 4701 W. Russell Road. The toys will be loaded onto a fire engine and carried away for distribution to children in the community. First responders give the toys to children to help comfort them at fires, accident scenes and medical emergencies. Some of the donations will be given to local hospitals and nursing homes during the holidays.

“We appreciate the generous donations we receive each year as a result of this program,” said Clark County Fire Chief Greg Cassell. “Our units keep a supply of these toys on board because they have a calming effect on children we encounter at scenes,” said Chief Cassell.

The Department of Building and Fire Prevention started the tradition in 2001 of collecting teddy bears and stuffed animals for the Fire Department during the holidays. In 2016, about 300 stuffed animals were collected as part of the effort.


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