LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – A new permanent center officially opened Monday for victims of the October 1st mass shooting that left 58 people dead and more than 500 wounded.

The Vegas Strong Resiliency Center will serve as a resource and referral center for residents, visitors and responders affected by the 1 October shooting incident. Located at 1524 Pinto Lane in Las Vegas near Martin Luther King Boulevard, the new center will be a hub where numerous local and state agencies, and community non-profits will have knowledgeable and caring professionals on hand to help those who were affected by the tragic incident. The new center will be open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The resiliency center replaces the Family Assistance Center, which closed its doors on Friday, October 20. The Family Assistance Center opened at the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center the day after the 1 October shooting to meet the immediate needs of victims, family members and those affected by the shooting. More than 3,600 people requested services at the Family Assistance Center. Services included crisis counseling and spiritual care, victim compensation, lodging, travel and transportation, DMV document recovery, and legal assistance. The most requested services at the Family Assistance Center were crisis counseling, spiritual care and recovery of belongings left behind at the concert venue.

“The Vegas Strong Resiliency Center is a place of healing and support,” said Assistant Clark County Manager Kevin Schiller, who chair the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center Steering Committee. “We’ve now transitioned to a more permanent service model where services are designed to address the unique needs of anyone affected by 1 October shooting and help them build strength and resiliency in the aftermath of the tragic event and over the long term,” Schiller said.

Agencies with offices at the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center include Clark County Social Service, Nevada Victims of Crime Program, Nevada Division of Child and Family Services, Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services, and the LVMPD Victims Services Unit. Services to be provided at the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center include victim advocacy and support, grief counseling and spiritual care referrals, and technical assistance accessing online resources including FBI Victim Assistance Services for claiming personal items left behind at the 1 October concert venue. Additional information about the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center will be made available on Clark County’s website at

The help lines (702) 455-AIDE (2433) and 1-833-229-AIDE that were set up at the Family Assistance Center will remain in service at the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center. Callers will speak to caring professionals who will connect them to trained counselors or service providers within the resiliency center or in the community that can address the specific needs of those seeking assistance.



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