CARSON CITY, NV (KXNT) – Governor Brian Sandoval announced Friday that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement, effective immediately. With this signature, people in New Jersey will soon be able to play poker at the same virtual table as those in Nevada and Delaware. Currently, only these three states allow online gaming. The addition of New Jersey is important because it significantly increases the number of eligible interactive gaming participants.

“New innovations and technological advancements are connecting more people and increasing the capabilities of Nevada’s gaming industry,” said Governor Brian Sandoval. “Gaming is on of our oldest industries and it’s imperative that we continue to look for new opportunities to explore its full potential in a changing frontier. “I would like to thank Governor Christie for joining in partnership with Nevada and Delaware,” Sandoval said.

In 2013, the Nevada Legislature legalized online, interactive gaming. Since that time, the Gaming Control Board has regulated the licensing and operation of interactive gaming. Interactive gaming is taxed the same as land-based gaming in Nevada. The original Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA) was signed between Nevada and Delaware in February, 2014. Nevada has specific language allowing the Governor to enter into such an agreement.

The MSIGA allows mutually-licensed online gaming businesses to share liquidity. This means that registered adult players in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey will be able to play online poker together. The technology is a platform that has been vetted and approved by each jurisdiction. Revenues are accrued and taxed based on the jurisdiction where the patron resides. Gaming regulators are able to access and regulate the mutually used servers housing the platforms.


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