LAS VEGAS (AP) — Nevada authorities are looking for two female minimum-security inmates who walked away from the Jean Conservation Camp south of Las Vegas.

The state Department of Corrections says warrants were issued for Krystal Ann Holm and Chrystal Uebel after they left the facility Friday night. Both are 33 years old.

The department says Holm was serving a sentence from Lyon County for burglary. She’s described as 5 feet and 130 pounds with green eyes and dark blond hair.

The department says Uebel is serving a sentence from Clark County for possession of stolen vehicle. She’s described as 5-foot-7 and 157 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.

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  1. wvmmrh says:

    I wonder how much of their time they already served..I would ordinarily say i hope the other girl gets caught ..but people that have only been charged with the crimes they committed are often times guilty of making that one mistake whereas they might not have pulled a second offense ..not saying they shouldn’t have been jailed for their crimes,but it’s possible that a further ‘stay’ in prison might not be what they need.who knows..they might have a good friend or maybe family member(s) who will help them remain free and anonymous to anyone who would further prevent their’s possible ya know..A family member or best friend who might take them in and keep their ‘secret’ for the rest of their lives..While they wouldn’t be able to get a job or do anything that would require their identification,they could live with someone that wouldn’t mind sharing their food and such..i’m sure family members would go that wouldn’t surprise me if the one girl is never found..but it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s caught either.while it doesn’t sound easy to stay hidden i think it would be easier than what it seems at first thought..if you were imprisoned and then able to walk away..surely you know somebody who would help you if you were really serious about maintaining or pursuing a normal crime free life for yourself,instead of returning to prison to live for years behind brick walls and only a rec room and books to read for the time that you’re there..i know many people that have families that would definitely help other family members hide out if all they’d done is committed robberies like these two did.So i do wonder just how long the one girl will be free and if she’ll indeed get caught.i’m interested in following this story..and no i’m not rooting for the girl to escape her prison conviction.I try to see both sides of a situation at all times.I’ma Pastor ,so it’s a normal part of my persona.

  2. wvmmrh says:

    correction:When i left the above comment,i was under the impression that one of them had been captured..i found i was incorrect. so i stand corrected..the authorities are still searching for both of them.

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