LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – On Thursday, while urging conservatives to unite, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin did something else. She endorsed Danny Tarkanian for the United States Senate.

Palin released the following statement:

“Danny Tarkanian is a conservative outsider who will support the “America First” policies our nation needs to survive and thrive, including building the border wall, ending sanctuary cities, and finally repealing Obamacare. Common sense Conservatives in Nevada and across America need to unite and help win this critical fight. I strongly endorse Danny Tarkanian for the United States Senate and look forward to helping him win this important election.”

Danny Tarkanian thanked Governor Sarah Palin for her support and committed to hold Dean Heller accountable for his vote against Obamacare repeal and attacks on Donald Trump that helped Hillary Clinton win Nevada.

“I thank Governor Palin for her endorsement and appreciate the confidence she has shown in our campaign,” said Tarkanian. “I will hold Dean Heller accountable for turning his back on Nevadans by voting against the repeal of Obamacare and helping Hillary Clinton win Nevada by attacking Donald Trump over and over again,” Tarkanian said.

Danny Tarkanian is a Las Vegas attorney and businessman who is the son of legendary basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian. For more information on Danny Tarkanian visit


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