LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – There have been 30 pedestrian fatalities so far this year in Clark County.

So Tuesday morning, officers from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Traffic Division, Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) and CCSD Police, got together to enforce pedestrian and driver safety laws at Nellis and Cedar Avenue.

That’s between Stewart Avenue and Bonanza, near Rich Rundel Elementary School.

Community partners who joined the event included Community Ambulance, Center for Traffic Safety Research, Zero Fatalities and Vulnerable Road Users Project.

The above agencies said the location has high transit and neighborhood road users trying to cross the street and often drivers do not yield to those properly crossing. This is a location they’ve done enforcement at before, they said they want to keep sending the message that driver play a critical role in pedestrians choosing to walk out of their way to cross properly, not stopping for them sends the message why bother to be predictable and safe.



Local law enforcement along with the Vulnerable Users Road Project at UNLV, wanted to remind drivers that summer for Clark County School District students is two weeks away and summer is a time for more children playing outside and children don’t always make good decisions about crossing streets. In the school year two children have died, a 15 and 11 year old, both walking home from school.

Rich Rundel Elementary School is named for a child killed while walking.


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