Statment: “I’m starting a new diet.”
Response: “You should drink lots of water.”

Statement: “I’m feeling sluggish.”
Response: “You’re dehydrated, drink water!”

Statement: “I’m hungry.”
Response: “Drink water, it’ll help curb your appetite.”

Why is the response always to drink more water? It’s not that it’s aggravating, it just doesn’t always seem to make sense.  Maybe water isn’t the issue.  Maybe I’m just hungry.  Maybe I’m just tired.  But, we seem to be getting bombarded lately with the benefits of more water.  Fine.  Cheers.  You win.

As I write this, I’m drinking a bottle of Aquafina.  But I put some powdered vitamin C in in because I have a scratchy throat and feel like I’m getting sick.   I know, I know — drink more water, right?

In a recent article from Wellness Pursuits, it points out that drinking a lot of water actually pushes out a lot of potential sickness.  The problem is, I’d rather dive into a Diet Coke.  As I read further, I did manage to find out some additional facts.  And since, I’m always getting that response from others, I’m now giving it to you!  Here’s are the best times to drink water according to Wellness Pursuits:

  • Two glasses of water in the morning after waking up (helps activate internal organs)
  • One glass of water thirty minutes before a meal (aids in digestion)
  • One glass of water taking a bath (Helps you avoid high blood pressure)
  • One glass of water before going to bed (helps to avoid strokes and heart attacks)

Stay quenched!


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