By Conrad Company

I’ve always viewed Kobe Bryant as a dangerous prescription drug, for NBA fans his game is one of the most addictive things they’ve seen. Unfortunately for the people defending him, it had severe side-affects such as, but not limited to, nightmares, weak knees/ankles, and blacking out randomly when left on Kobe island. Contact an expert like Jalen Rose if you have any questions regarding any of these side affects. On a serious note, with Kobe announcing his retirement last week I thought it was necessary to break down the greatest player of a generations Top-10 career achievements.

10. Dropping 55 on the G.O.A.T.

Yes, it was at the end of Michael’s career, and the Wizards were not close to being able to compete with the juggernaut known as the 03’ Lakers, but dropping 55 on the man he looked up to and molded his game after is a memory that surely will always resinate with him.

9. Youngest Starting All-Star in NBA history

Kobe was constantly crowned the youngest to break a lot of records in the NBA, but one that he may hold forever is the youngest to start in an All-Star game. In 1998 at just 19-years old Kobe started alongside legends like Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, and Reggie Miller in his first ever All-Star game.

8. 62 in Three Quarters against Dallas

This game may have been more incredible than his 81 game, but unfortunately he only got to showcase his talents for three quarters that night. Its crazy enough to drop 62 in any game, but to do it in three quarters, while the other team has a TOTAL of 61 is just bizarre. Kobe single handily outscored the Dallas Mavericks through three quarters that night in LA with a line of 62 and nine boards, while shooting 18-31 from the field, and 22-25 form the free throw line.

7. Career Games Dropping 40+ Points

Kobe doesn’t even realize how good Kobe is, in a recent interview he was asked how many 40-point games he has in his career, he guessed “30 & 40”. Try 121 Kobe. Not to mention he has 25 50+ point games, and five 60+ games. Ranking only behind Wilt Chamberlin, and Michael Jordan in both 40 and 50 point games, and solely being the Chamberlin in 60 point games. Pretty Elite company if you ask me.

6. MVP

The 07’-08’ season was obviously Kobe’s all-around best season, and even though he averaged 28-6-5 it technically wasn’t his best offensive season. Kobe realistically should have held up minimum two or three MVP’s, but with the magician known as Steve Nash dominating in Phoenix, and Kobe being a one man show on mediocre teams 05’-07’ didn’t translate to any team based hardware.
PS- Kobe’s 05’-06’ season in which he averaged 35.4 Points, 5.3 Rebounds, and 4.5 Assists a game will go down as one of the best offensive seasons of the all-time.

5. Kobe’s All-NBA Awards

Kobe has been selected to 14 All-NBA teams (10 First-Team), and 12 All-Defensive Team (nine times All-Defensive First-Team). To the avid basketball fan it’s no surprise he racked up 14 All-NBA teams, but the fact he was on the All-Defensive team 12 times shows he has been one of the best overall competitors the game has ever seen. This truly sums up how deadly the Black Mamba was, give you nothing but buckets on one end, and then turn around only to lock down the other teams best perimeter player.

4. 81 on the Raptors

This was a rare, ‘where were you when this happened’ game for sports fans. Kobe destroyed a Raptors team, who sacrificed Jalen Rose’s defensive reputation to the bucket-gods in hopes to slow down the white hot Kobe in 06’. Kobe left all of his woes in the Six that night going off in the second half, scoring 27 in the third, and 28 in the fourth quarter to rally his Lakers to a 18 point win over the Raptors.

3. Third All-Time in Points Scored

People want to constantly talk basketballs Mount Rushmore, but there is definitely one mountain side Kobe is surely engraved on, and that’s the All-Time scoring Rushmore. His face will forever be up there with the likes of Karl Malone, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Michael Jordan with Kobe currently ranked third on the list of Most Points All-Time.

2. Give Him the Gold

Two gold medals is surely an accomplish not many players can ever say they accomplished, but the crazy part is Kobe could have Three, if not Four gold medals, but didn’t participate in the 00’ or 04’ olympics because of personal reasons. Kobe captured the gold with the 08’ ‘Redeem Team’ that won in Beijing, and the 12’ ‘Dream Team’ (96’ being the real Dream Team) that won in London.

1. Five Rings With a Side of 3-Peat

Ah, nothing goes down smoother than the glorious 3-peat, but unfortunately for Kobe he was the Pippen to Jordan, as he was the second fiddle, or the little brother, to the most dominant Big Man the leagues seen in 20 years Shaquille O’Neal. Regardless, he was irreplaceable to those championship teams, and the rings speak for themselves, but Kobe’s true time to shine came in the 08’-10’ NBA Finals where he captured his final two rings in 09’-10’ while taking home Finals MVP honors in both years as well.