(CBS Las Vegas) — Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are known for working together on different movies, a collaboration which began nearly 25 years ago. The movie “Edward Scissorhands” launched their working relationship, according to E! news.

The movie came out the same time as “Home Alone” during the holiday season and after that Depp and Burton worked on several other films. He recalls being called a risk taker when trying to film “Edward Scissorhands” and how no one wanted to support the film.

Burton said, “I was like, ‘OK, I’m just going to make a low-budget movie.’ I found it very difficult, because people thought I just made big movies and that’s all I do. I had to really walk away from a lot of things because I’d been penalized for making some sort of big movie. It is a weird trap.”

The movie grossed $56.3 million worldwide and now has the 25th anniversary Blue-ray edition released.

At the time of filming Burton said, “I was looking for somebody who got the idea of that sadness of being misperceived.” When Depp got the script he said, “I can remember reading the script and—it’s embarrassing—weeping. I cried, it was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever read in my life.”

After that Depp and Burton worked on several other productions together including “Sleepy Hallow,” “Sweeny Todd,” and many more. Burton believes that Depp just has something about him which makes him ideal for certain roles in the films he directs.

“I never really analyze that too much. I think there’s a connection with people, and it’s not an intellectual decision. We have shared similar tastes in things, in movies and certain weird, lower suburbia upbringings. I don’t know, exactly, but I think that there’s kind of a connection in many different ways,” Burton said about their relationship.


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