By Mike Doria

Maybe it’s the time of year?  Maybe it’s an impending full moon?  Maybe the idiot at the coffee shop needs to clean her ears out if she wants to work the drive-thru?  Or, maybe it’s  just that every damn person on planet decided to get under my skin in unison.  I don’t know.  Whatever the reason, I’m moody lately.  And, I’m not egotistical enough to think that my number has suddenly come up.  So, I’m certain some of the rest of your are also finding yourselves infuriated these days.

If you’re in that boat…just breathe!  It happens.   In the meantime, though, here are a few things you can do (and the one thing NOT to do) to calm yourself down.

1.) Help Someone Else:  No, really. I know you’re thinking like “How is that gonna make me be less cranky” but it will.  There is some sort of mind game that goes along with this but I swear you just feel better and less irritable when you do something nice for someone else.  And it’s not a bad way to take the focus off your own miserable moments.

2.) Nurture Yourself: There, you see…something on the list that puts the attention back on you. Maybe you want to eat a bowl of cereal in a bathtub filled with fruity pebbles; or perhaps you just want to indulge in a four hour nap. Whatever it is — find a way to treat yourself.  You might be overdoing it in life and that may be fueling your crankiness.

3.) Go See A Movie: And you probably don’t want to see something in the suspense category.  That may just put your more on edge.  Instead, opt for a romantic comedy or anything Disney.  There’s something about a movie that reminds us of the magic in life and that everything just works out okay in the end.

4.) Make a Gratitude List:  When life has you screaming and annoyed at just about anyone or anything, get out a pen and a piece of paper.  Write down all the things you’re  grateful for in life.  It could be your family, your health, your friends, your mother’s recipes — whatever.  Just keep writing until you feel better.

5.) Instagram:  Get your smartphone, load up the Instagram app and snap pictures in nature.  Why does this help?  You start focusing on how to make pictures pretty and pick out the details in nature.  It makes you realize just how small your problems are in this universe.

So what is the one thing you shouldn’t do?  According a good friend of mine — pray for patience!  Doing that will only likely cause you more grief and put you in a situation that allows you to test your patience.   Who wants that?!  I do have one more suggestion — download the DubSmash App.  See why below: