By Ken Boehlke

This fight was just like every one of the 47 fights that preceded it in Floyd Mayweather’s career.

Manny Pacquiao was supposed to be the best challenge Mayweather had ever faced, yet by the middle of the fight it became apparent that this one was going to go down the same as the rest.

Pacquiao and Mayweather were about even after the fourth round, but then Mayweather turned it on.

Jab, counter, straight right, feint, dance back to the middle of the ring. The usual suspects of tools “Money” Mayweather uses every time he gets into the ring.

Pacquiao was expected to come after Mayweather, but when all was said and done, Manny only landed about 70 punches over the 12 rounds. Meanwhile, Floyd connected more than 150 times in the 36 minute bout.

The fight was scored 118-110, 116-112, 116-112, a unanimous decision for the still undefeated Floyd Mayweather.

After the fight, Mayweather said he would fight the final bout of his career in September. He didn’t reveal an opponent, but if we’ve learned anything from the first 48, it’s going to go a lot like tonight.


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