As the director of sponsored programs and the EPSCoR Nevada office, Lori Brazfield administers $25 million per year in federal and state agency awards for programs such as the Solar Nexus Project.

(Photo Courtesy of Lori Brazfield)

(Photo Courtesy of Lori Brazfield)

In her position with the Nevada System of Higher Education, she supervises 10 staff members for both pre-award and post-award in Las Vegas; negotiates federal, state and intra-inter institutions grants and contracts and provides policy interpretation and guidance relating to grants and contracts with all parties to the award.

Brazfield graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas with her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and Summa Cum Laude from Trident University International with her M.B.A. She has also earned her Practice of Research Administration and Management Program certificate. Brazfield is a member of the Intermountain University Research Administrators, the Society of Research Administrators International and the National Council of University Research Administrators. During her career, she has successfully written numerous grant initiatives resulting in millions of dollars in funding for Nevada.

As for how she got started, Brazfield explained, “I began my career as a special events planner. I then utilized those organizational skills in the nonprofit sector and began writing grants to increase funding for local nonprofits. This then expanded from writing grants to overseeing and managing the grants within higher education.

“My M.B.A. provided me with excellent coursework to work through conflict with difficult people and/or situations to assess and diffuse. It is easy for employees to get frustrated and say what they feel to others (without thinking first); it is much more difficult to stop, listen and really try to understand why there is frustration or conflict from all sides,” she said. “I have utilized my skills in mediation more than I ever thought as a leader, and this has been such a benefit. My M.B.A. has allowed me to grow as a professional leader in my field, to fully understand people, and that is worth its weight in gold.”

According to Brazfield, “when someone comes into my office fuming and walks out saying ‘Thank you, that really helped’—that makes me feel successful.”

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