World, meet Conor McGregor. “The Notorious One,” as he’s known in the octagon, completely destroyed #10 ranked Dennis Siver in less than two full rounds via TKO.

McGregor is now 5-0 in the UFC and has won 13 straight fights including 12 by knockout. He’s dominated every opponent that’s been placed before him for the last four years and he’s now in line for a title fight with Jose Aldo.

But the allure surrounding McGregor is only partially due to his ability inside the cage. The mouth on this man is unlike anything the UFC has ever seen, and really can only be compared to someone like Mohammed Ali.

He’s confident, he’s cocky, and thus far he’s backed it up.

Now it’s time for the UFC hype machine to take over and the Aldo/McGregor fight to be touted as the most anticipated of the year.

After tonight’s fight in Boston, McGregor jumped out of the cage and stormed toward Aldo, who was sitting in the front row. He screamed and yelled obscenities, all while the champ sat back and literally laughed in his face.

This is a sport that doesn’t need fodder like this to pump up a crowd, but when they get it, they take it to another level.

Over the next few months McGregor will enchant fans with has brash brand of trash talking supplemented with his classic Irish accent. Meanwhile, his opponent, will quietly prepare and rest on the laurels of his 18 fight win streak and nine straight title defenses.

The time will come, and UFC President Dana White has made it clear that the fight will likely be right here in Las Vegas, but between now and whenever that may be, take some time to get used to the new kid on the block, Conor McGregor, because if he wins one more, he’s going to take the sport by storm… as if he hasn’t started that quest already.