Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family, friends and bonding over food. During the week you might catch a marathon of special Thanksgiving episodes from your favorite television shows. Here are a few of our favorites. Happy Thanksgiving!

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Traditions and learning lessons are a big part of “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” The opening scene shows Charlie with Lucy and she wants him to kick a football as part of a tradition. Lucy deceives Charlie, leaving him on his back as he tries to kick the football. Charlie is recruited to make Thanksgiving dinner after Peppermint Pattie has no where to go and she invites several others to join. Charlie can’t cook anything but bread and already has plans to eat at grandma’s, but he will do anything for his friends. He gets help from Snoopy and his best friend to make up a table in the backyard for the feast. After the prayer is said, the food is served, but the meal didn’t look appetizing. Charlie calls grandma and she saves the day by inviting all the friends for Thanksgiving dinner. After packing themselves up into the car they begin singing “Over The River and Through the Woods.”


It’s another fun filled Thanksgiving at the Conner household. Mark has drank all the beer which infuriates Dan because football plus the couch and being drunk equals a great Thanksgiving. Great grandma is pretending to have slight memory loss and is embarrassing the family members. She even lets out the big secret that her daughter wasn’t married when she got pregnant with Roseanne, after fussing with Jackie about not marrying the father of her child. Mark and Dan get into a little brawl over the caring of Becky, while DJ gives the play by play to Darlene on the phone. You can’t pick your family but you can pick your food on Thanksgiving.

Family Guy

Everyone joins around the table for Thanksgiving dinner, however one major element is missing. Where is the turkey? Peter and Brian run into the house as Stewie is making a speech to family and friends. The turkey is alive and Peter even shows Lois a picture of the turkey rollerblading. Peter carries the turkey to the back, grabs a golf club and is ready for war. The turkey stares him in the eyes, fearing for his life. Instead of Peter whacking the poor turkey, he kisses him in the mouth and gets pecked. Just when Peter thought killing a turkey would be easy, it doesn’t turn out that way. Maybe next year the family can settle for just ham.

The Cosby Show

The Cosby family already has a full table on Thanksgiving, but is making room for an ex-wife, Theo’s friends and Budd the next door neighbor. It’s a rainy holiday and Cliff is sent out about three different times for eggs, pumpkin, nutmeg and tomatoes. Just to please his family, though, on this special occasion he walks out in the trenches for the items. After Martin’s ex-wife is stranded at the airport, Denise thinks it would be a great idea to invite her to this Thanksgiving feast. Middle daughter Vanessa decides to complain about sitting at the little kid table for another year and was sad about not discussing adult topics. When Martin’s ex-wife arrives the family tries their best not to be awkward by introducing themselves. As Denise talks to Martin’s ex-wife about raising Olivia, Cliff comes in drenched from the rain storm with a bag of eggs. The only problem is the soaking wet brown bag rips and the eggs fall to the ground. Cliff exits going back to the store only to return to the family about to sit down and enjoy family dinner. How did they make the cornbread with no eggs? Or the pumpkin pie with no pumpkin? Just as Cliff goes to set his wet clothes outside, the sun beams on the stoop after his wet adventure.

Boy Meets World

Although they’re best friends Sean and Corey come from two different family lives. Corey has a mom, dad, and two siblings in a home, while Sean is left with his parents in a trailer home. After getting an assignment by Mr. Feeney, the boys think it would be a great idea to have their families spend this special holiday together. After complaints from both sides, they decide to meet at Sean’s house for dinner. Things don’t go as planned as the dinner is rushed and Sean’s parents think they are being judged for what they don’t have. The kids wander off to a friend’s house as the parents watch from afar the kids going around the table discussing what they are thankful for. On this touching episode you learn you make friends with someone not for what they have, but who they are.

Everybody Loves Raymond

Thanksgiving dinner can be a challenge when trying to meet the needs of everyone. On this special episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” Ray’s mom wants to stem away from tradition and go for a dietary approach. The family already has it’s normal troubles but today it’s times 10. As they all gather, grandpa complains of not wanting to eat and Ray’s mom brings out the famous “tofuturkey.” Ray’s wife forces everyone to eat a piece and swallow it just to show their appreciation. Between Ray’s famous line, “It starts with the aftertaste,” and grandpa threatening to kill himself after eating this horrible food, it’s not your ordinary Thanksgiving.

Full House

When you are three men raising three little ladies, growing up is just a little different. The men look through a cookbook to make each dish special for the girls, hoping they don’t burn the turkey. On this Thanksgiving episode the family puts pizzazz and a little dance into the special day. Uncle Jesse does a little conga line around the table, while Joey brings out the enormous turkey as Michelle is lifted in the air by Danny to dance. They even form a fun assembly line just to place the different dishes on the table before Joey makes a grand announcement about his turkey. It might not be everyone’s Thanksgiving but it’s what the Tanner family does best.

A Different World

Dwayne and Whitley are celebrating their first Thanksgiving alone, or at least that’s what they think. Mrs. Gilbert has decided to drop in with her new and very young boyfriend. After she downplays the way Whitley is living and how she is dressed, the kitchen becomes her territory. Unfortunately not for long as Dwayne’s mom surprises them with her famous prune cobbler. The two mothers have not seen each other since the surprise wedding and are ready to battle each other again. Too many cooks in the kitchen could lead to a very bad Thanksgiving.


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