(Las Vegas, NV)- The Life is Beautiful Festival, which celebrates music, food and art is expected to bring thousands to Downtown Las Vegas this weekend.  With those crowds will, no doubt, come some traffic and parking problems.

Festival-goers can expect streets with Las Vegas Boulevard to 10th Street and Carson to Mesquite Avenue to be closed for the entire weekend.

There have been some complaints about the inconvenience to nearby residents, who will have to deal with the crowds and music.  Albert Lamaty lives on Stewart Avenue and is worried.

“I just think it’s a huge inconvenience.  It’s going to be a pain in the butt.  I guess I’m just going to stay indoors all weekend and deal with the loud music.  Thank goodness it’s only 3 days, ” expressed Lamaty.

Small business owners, however, have a different attitude.  Nichole Hester, co-owner of Grass Roots Juice Bar near Carson and 6th is thrilled.  Her new business, which opened 4 months ago, sits right across the street from the festival’s box office.

“We are just so excited.  We think we are going to get our normal customers that come, but we are going to be exposed to so many people,” said Hester. “We are expecting to be busy so we have condensed our menu to our top 5 best-selling items and named them to play off the festival.  I’ve also staffed up to prepare.”

The festival ends on Sunday.  The City of Las Vegas says they hope for all of the streets to be re-opened by Wednesday of next week.


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