Las Vegas, NV –Federal agents arrest three men accused of running a drug smuggling ring operating through McCarran International Airport.

An Anchorage federal grand jury has indicted three Las Vegas men on charges of conspiring to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine to Alaska.

Federal prosecutors say 47-year-old Daren Cole, 37-year-old Dewane Blue, and 36-year-old Bryan Bledsoe, a McCarran  airport employee, are under indictment.

Investigators say here’s how it worked: Blue gave the drugs to Bledsoe, who worked at McCarran.

As an employee, Bledsoe would bypass security then pass the drugs off to other travelers, who took them to Alaska and other states. Bledsoe was nabbed in June with 10 kilograms of cocaine in his bag, according to federal agents.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash were sent from Alaska back to Las Vegas.

(Associated Press)

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