Fiery Crash Killed Cabbie & Passenger When It ExplodedBy Nathan Tannenbaum

( Las Vegas, NV ) –  It’s the 1-year anniversary of a shooting on the Las Vegas Strip that led to a fiery crash and the loss of 3 lives.

Around 4:30am last February 21st the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd and Flamingo closed for what would turn out to be 15 hours as police tried to piece together what happened.

We now know that a 27-year-old man was shot in the chest by gunfire from another car as both were heading north on The Strip. The car driven by Kenny Cherry crashed into a cab driven by 62-year-old Michael Boldon. That taxi exploded killing Bolden and his passenger, 48-year-old Sandra Sutton-Wasmund from the Seattle area.

Bolden’s fiancee, Beth Hultgren attended a memorial vigil Thursday night where the crash happened. She said the last year has been a blur.

Boldon’s brother, Tehran, was also there. When asked if he’s sad or angry on the anniversary of his brother’s death, he said, “A combination of both.”

After a nationwide manhunt, 27-year-old Ammar Harris was arrested a couple of months later in Los Angeles.

He’s been in the Clark County Detention Center ever since and faces up to life in prison when he’s sentenced next week in an unrelated rape conviction. The murder trial in the shooting is scheduled for September.


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