PHOENIX (CBS Las Vegas) – Looking at photos of women on Facebook is what distracted the driver of an empty fuel tanker when he crashed into two fire department trucks and three police cars on Interstate 8 killing a public safety officer in May.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, Officer Tim Huffman was killed in the accident by truck driver, Jorge Espinoza, who is charged with second-degree murder.  Espinoza was driving with cruise control on at 65 mph at the time of the accident.

After the accident, Espinoza lied to investigators claiming he didn’t see the emergency vehicles ahead because he was looking at a passing truck in his mirror and that he never uses his phone while driving.

The Arizona Daily Star reported that information taken from Espinoza’s phone shows him using the internet at the time of accident.

The information from Espinoza’s phone shows he was looking at “photographs of several women in provocative positions, wearing little clothing,” on Facebook the newspaper wrote.  On other occassions while driving the truck, Espinoza has looked at Youtube, a few female escort web pages, porn sites and other social networks sites, investigators stated.

On his dashboard, a camera caught his Samsung Galaxy 3 flying out of his hand in the crash reports from the newspaper explain.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, investigators concluded: “Espinoza would have been able to perceive the danger in the roadway and not cause the death of Officer Tim Huffman, endangered the lives of 11 other emergency responders and destroyed six vehicles, including a new semi-tractor and trailer owned by his employer, if he had not chosen to distract himself while accessing Facebook from his cellular telephone while operating his assigned commercial vehicle.”

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