Las Vegas CBS KXNT – A Las Vegas elementary school was in the spotlight Friday. Governor Brian Sandoval paid a visit as part of his fact-finding mission in the so-called “Zoom” schools throughout the state.

The schools designated Zoom are part of a $50 million dollar Nevada program to accelerate English language learning, starting with pre-kindergarten classes at age four. The Zoom funding also pays for smaller class sizes. Zoom teachers have 21 students in a class, compared to 30 or more in their last teaching year. There are 14 Zoom schools in clark County.

After visiting several classrooms, Sandoval said he’ll keep Manuel Cortez and the other Zoom schools on his radar screen — he’ll be tracking their progress for the next two years. Renewal of the appropriation in 2015 will depend on performance.

The Manuel Cortez school fits the Zoom profile, with a majority-minority student population, and a significant number of students from non-English speaking households.


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