(Las Vegas, NV) — The city of Las Vegas is moving forward with plans to make parking downtown more customer-friendly.

The Las Vegas City Council today approved a plan to remove the outdated parking meters in downtown and to replace them with new multi-bay meters that will be easier to use and more convenient for customers by accepting credit and debit cards as well as coins.

Bill Arent is director of the city of Las Vegas’ Economic and Urban Development and tells KXNT where the money will come from to implement and operate the new system.

“The parking enterprise fund will pay for both the contract and for the ongoing operations and maintenance. We are not using general funds to pay for this and based on our projections the project will break even after 5 1/2 years.”

The plan also calls for the permanent removal of approximately 125 metered-spaces downtown, increasing free parking opportunities for the public.

By approving the contract with Parkeon, approximately 233 new meters will be installed this summer, taking the place of 1,216 outdated meters. Approximately 125 single space meters will be permanently removed as part of the changeover. This will result in the removal of the “meter forest” that currently clutters downtown sidewalks.

The initial contract with Parkeon, a company that provides parking management devices for more than three million parking spaces in more than 3,000 cities and 50 countries, is $1.45 million


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