By Danny Cox

The job of an NFL head coach is one that can have the ultimate in both ups and downs, but it is also one that is of much uncertainty. Coaches are never sure when their job can be taken from them and they’ll be on the unemployment line. With that, they either can just do their job or always be looking over their shoulder.

Norv Turner, coach of the San Diego Chargers, is one that should really be staring over his shoulder for the moment the rug is pulled from underneath him. Yet, he isn’t.

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San Diego started the season on a tear with a 3-1 record and looking like they could run away with the AFC West. Now a three-game losing streak with a possible “Stickem” scandal later, and it seems like the ultimate collapse.

Losing to the New Orleans Saints is nothing to really be ashamed of. It isn’t anything embarrassing to lose to the Denver Broncos, either. Well, except for the fact that the Chargers had a 24-point lead at halftime and blew it in the second half.

This weekend’s 7-6 loss to the Cleveland Browns may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for Coach Norv Turner, but again…he seems calm about it.

“You’re coaching on a week-to-week basis,” Turner said Monday when asked if he’s coaching for his job. “I’m coaching to do the best job I can to get our team ready to play Kansas City. All those other conversations, they’re going to take place. You know they’re going to take place.”

San Diego faces off with Kansas City this weekend, and the Chiefs are one of the few things that the Chargers have gotten right this season. The Chargers won 37-20 over Kansas City back on Sept. 30, 2012.

Fans of the Bolts are looking for Turner’s head on a silver platter and are hoping to see him booted out the door soon. The anger of the fans is also aimed toward general manager A.J. Smith as well.

Chargers president Dean Spanos has not commented on the job status of either at this time.

NFL analysts believe that Spanos would not go ahead with firing Turner during the regular season, but how long can the bleeding continue? Still, there is the problem of having someone on staff that could step in for Turner if he were to be fire, and there doesn’t appear to be anyone in San Diego that is worthy of doing so.

“We’ve not been able to put together the kind of consistency we need to,” Turner said. “Usually, it’s a different thing in each situation where you have an opportunity to make a big play. You only get so many in a game. One play it might be protection, one play it might be we didn’t make the throw we wanted to make, one play it might be we’re still trying to get on the same page. Yesterday, obviously, we had a couple of opportunities for big plays. One was where Meach wasn’t able to come up with a big catch.”

The play that Turner is speaking of comes from this past weekend against Cleveland. Wide receiver Robert Meachem dropped what was an easy touchdown pass from quarterback Philip Rivers. Meachem hasn’t quite impressed as much as many thought he would when he was signed this offseason from New Orleans.

Norv Turner needs to get his team on the same page and have them on the page that shows them winning. He may not be worried about his job now, but he may not have to be worried much longer anyway.

That’s because he will be out a of job.

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