By Danny Cox

The New York Jets and Miami Dolphins are surely going to have some bad blood toward one another considering they both play in the AFC East. It is just commonplace for divisional rivals to not be overly fond of one another due to having to play twice a year. So, it shouldn’t come as a great surprise when bad blood starts brewing.

152640553 Feud Between Jets and Dolphins Getting Uglier by the Day

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Well, the bad blood that is starting to come to a huge boil between the Jets and Dolphins is a little bit different now.

It all began back in week three of the 2012 NFL season when Jets coach Rex Ryan said that his team needed to pour “hot sauce” on Reggie Bush. At the time, the Dolphins’ Bush was the second leading rusher in the league.

During that game, Bush was tackled and hurt his knee. His production for the Dolphins hasn’t been nearly the same ever since then. The hit was actually very clean, but a number of Dolphins players weren’t happy about it.

Jets‘ players Bart Scott, LaRon Landry, and Sione Po’uha were all in on the hit on Bush, and it ended up taking the explosive running back out of that game. Landry spoke up this week and said, “If I get penalized, I’m not going to stop head-hunting.”

Comments like that were preceded by things that Bush said as well.

Back in week three when the teams first met, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie suffered a season-ending ACL injury. When it happened, things got a bit snippy once again and Reggie Bush offered up a very stoic “what goes around comes around” comment regarding the injury to Cromartie.

Those kinds of comments are what led to Cromartie lashing out this week before the two teams meet again.

“Honestly I don’t give a…,” said Cromartie before quickly halting his words. “I’m not going to say what I really want to say about Reggie Bush. It’s football, injuries are going to happen, but for him to come out and say something like that, I mean, to me, it’s unprofessional and at the same time it’s not showing any kind of sportsmanship at all, so I mean I really could care less.”

Jets’ safety, and former Miami Dolphin, Yeremiah Bell stood up for his current team.

“We don’t play dirty, we don’t do anything to play dirty,” Bell said. “Are we going to come after people? Yeah, that’s what we do, that’s what the sport is, to be physical. We’re not a dirty team, we’re not intentionally trying to hurt anybody.”

From there, other players joined in. Jets linebacker Aaron Maybin commented that the team would legally try to take Bush out of this Sunday’s game in New York.

Dolphins center Mike Pouncey heard Maybin’s threat and simply stated that the Jets’ linebacker is nothing but a joke himself.

Rex Ryan believes that both teams will be as physical as humanly possible, but still stay within the rules and confines of the game. At least, that is what he is hoping will happen.

“I expect this one to be an extremely physical game; it seems like it always is against Miami.”

Bell decided to steer away from trash-talking and the issue of injuries, and say that the first game against the Dolphins was one of the worst that the Jets played all season. Trash-talking is one thing, but Bell knows that the Jets will have to play better if they want to chalk up a victory on Sunday.

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