By Danny Cox

Coming out of the NFL Draft in April, a lot more hype was actually put on the second quarterback taken, Robert Griffin III. Through the opening weeks of the season, the hype has remained on RG3, and that is for very good reasons.

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Griffin is flashy and can run and pass and has even been controversial at times.

The number one overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, Andrew Luck, is not much of a runner. He isn’t really controversial. Well, he’s also trying to replace one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the league by taking the spot vacated by Peyton Manning.

It isn’t that people don’t expect a lot out of Luck, but it’s kind of hard to think he can lead the Indianapolis Colts to a lot of success in the first season since Manning went to the Denver Broncos.

Yet, Luck has helped the Colts achieve a 2-2 record through the first four games of the season, and he is quietly going to make people realize that he deserved being picked first overall. With 1,208 yards and seven touchdowns in four games, Luck is looking rather impressive, but it was last week’s victory that has made others sit up and take notice.

The Green Bay Packers have had their shares of ups and downs this season, but they were expected to make easy work of the Colts. Through the first two quarters, they were doing just that as they led Indy 21-3 at halftime.

The second half of the game was a different story entirely though.

Indianapolis outscored Green Bay 27-6, and the way to victory was led by Luck. He threw for two touchdowns and ran for another, all in the second half. The game-winning touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne actually came with less than a minute remaining in the game.

Everyone is saying that there was just too much inspiration behind the Colts‘ team that was dealing with the very recent news of Coach Chuck Pagano being diagnosed with leukemia. Luck even admitted that very thing after the game.

“I’m sure we were all lying to everybody the whole week, trying to downplay it,” Luck said after throwing for a career-high 362 yards. “I think we all went out there wanting to do it for Chuck more than anything else. To see all the emotions on Mr. Irsay’s face, BA’s, everyone in there, I think it’s one of the greatest athletic moments I’ve ever been a part of.”

It is very true that thoughts of Pagano were in the heads of every single Colts’ player, and it probably even inspired Luck to play at his very best. The thing that everyone needs to remember is that Luck had that “very best” inside of him, and he found a way to bring it out early in his career.

Luck finished that game with a career best (so far) 362 yards passing. It was also a rookie quarterback record for the Colts. The 18-point comeback was also the best by any NFL rookie quarterback in over three years.

That game against Green Bay won’t be the only time that NFL fans see the very best of Andrew Luck. Perhaps, we haven’t even seen his “very best” yet, and that’s what is exciting. This young kid is only just beginning his professional football career, and he’s going to take an entire team and city on his shoulders as he does nothing but get better.

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