LAS VEGAS (AP) — Police have arrested a Las Vegas firefighter who they suspect paid a homeless man $600 to kill his estranged wife last month, a newspaper reported Thursday.

George Tiaffay reported finding his 46-year-old wife, Shauna, beaten and dead in her apartment on Sept. 29.

Court records show an unidentified caller later told police that a man had paid his friend $600 to kill the man’s wife, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported ( The caller then led police to the homeless man, 37-year-old Noel Stevens.

Investigators found items stolen from Shauna Tiaffay’s apartment at one of Stevens’ tents, and a pair of bloodstained jeans at another of his tents. Police say the blood on the jeans was a match for Shauna Tiaffay.

Police also found a copy of Shauna Tiaffay’s apartment key in a shed Stevens was known to use.

Detectives found that George Tiaffay called Stevens 86 times in September, including several times the day before his wife’s death and once on the day she died.

Officers also obtained surveillance video taken several weeks before Shauna Tiaffay’s death that show George Tiaffay and Stevens at a store together, where they bought a hammer, knife and gloves.

Stevens told police he knew George Tiaffay and did odd jobs for him but wasn’t involved in his wife’s death.

As detectives closed in on George Tiaffay as a suspect, he attempted to commit suicide by slamming his vehicle into a retaining wall on Monday, officers said. Police arrested the 40-year-old Tiaffay on Wednesday at University Medical Center.

Stevens has also been arrested in the case.

Tiaffay has worked as a Las Vegas firefighter since 2002.

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