By Danny Cox

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has done just about everything that can be done in the NFL. Still, his career is not yet over and probably won’t be for a number of years to come.

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While he is a part of the NFL though, there is one thing he is not allowed to do and that is own a piece of a football team. NFL rules don’t allow current players to own part of their current team or any others in the league.

There is no rule though, against Manning being the owner, or part-owner, of a team in another professional sport.

ESPN has confirmed that Manning is part of a proposed group led by Robert Pera that has agreed to buy the Memphis Grizzlies from Michael Heisley. Manning can surely contribute to the asking price for the team as he has enough money on his own, but the group is looking to purchase the Grizzlies for about $350 million this summer.

It is not known exactly how much Manning has paid for his stake in the team and how much he would own. A source has confirmed that Manning is involved, but the ownership stake of the Grizzlies is actually in the name of his wife, Ashley.

The quarterback of the Broncos knows where his focus will be until the end of his NFL career, but he’s looking forward to the future.

“While my focus is on playing quarterback for the Denver Broncos, I look forward to watching her become involved with her hometown team,” Peyton Manning said.

Peyton’s wife Ashley is ecstatic about getting into the NBA ownership game.

“As a native of Memphis, it was important to me that the Grizzlies remain in Tennessee and continue to have a positive impact on the community,” she said.

For those that may not remember since it has been quite a while, Peyton Manning did play his college football at the University of Tennessee.

Greg Aiello, league spokesman for the NFL, said that Manning having an involvement in the Grizzlies will not be a problem or conflict with his current position.

Manning has done so much in the NFL that it isn’t entirely out of the question for him to be looking at business ventures elsewhere. His time as a professional quarterback is likely coming to a close in the next few years, and his family will need to have something to focus on.

If you’re wondering though if the Mannings will be strapped for cash or anything after Peyton retires, don’t worry about that. Unless Manning has carelessly thrown away his money over all these years, – which is doubtful – then he and Ashley won’t need to be concerned with money.

Peyton Manning has earned more than $178 million during his time in the NFL with the Colts and Broncos. As one of the most popular endorsers of the NFL, he has also made tens of millions of dollars off of the field as well.

It will be interesting to see just how much involvement that Manning will have in the Grizzlies. Could Peyton Manning become the next Mark Cuban?

Chances are “no,” but it would still be fun to watch.

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