By Candice Leigh Helfand

LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) — Are robots the future of prostitution and sex tourism? That’s what two New Zealand researchers are claiming.

Ian Yeoman, management professor, and Michelle Mars, sexologist, are field experts at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. Their work together revolved around the concept of futuristic sex tourism.

The hypothesis? Sex robots would become the leading ladies of sex-for-profit in the seemingly distant year of 2050.

The paper was called “Robots, Men and Sex Tourism,” a work that made its way into a journal called Futures, according to a report in The Dominion Post.

Part of their research involved the hypothetical creation of an Amsterdam sex club called “Yub-Yum,” where robot women create a land rife with “sexual gods and goddesses of different ethnicities, body shapes, ages, languages and sexual features.”

Dennis Hof, owner of the world-renowned Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nev., said that the plan is destined for failure.

“Those researchers ought to come to the Bunny Ranch to see what real American sex is like – there’s no way to duplicate it,” he told CBS Las Vegas. “At the Bunny Ranch, we say ‘it’s not just the sex, it’s an adventure’ – and often times it’s more about the adventure than it is the sex.”

However, Douglas Hines, founder of the world’s first sex robot company, True Companion LLC in Lincoln Park, N.J., noted the virtual lovers are already growing in popularity.

“Since we’ve launched the initial product … interest has ramped up dramatically in use by people in the U.S. and abroad,” he told CBS Las Vegas. “And the robots can assume any identity virtually … though we just have 18-plus as the age that the robot behaves like.”

The study detailed multiple health-related upsides to the use of robots in such locales.

”Robot sex is safer sex, free from the constraints, precautions and uncertainties of the real deal,” the paper said, adding that the robots would be cleaned of fluids and constructed of a bacteria-resistant material to further diminish the chance of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

“One of the benefits of sex robots is that they remove exploitation of women from the equation, and the sex trade of underage [partners],” Hines added. “Underage women are exploited to meet the desires of others, whereas with the robots, there is no exploitation of anyone.”

Hof said that there is one element – a crucial one, in his opinion – that the robots will never be able to truly replicate for a man.

“The biggest part of the sex experience … is interaction with a woman,” he noted. “He wants to tell her stories, wants her to listen, wants her to act like she cares – a robot’s not going to do that.”

Comments (254)
  1. incredulous says:

    Man oh man, I wouldn’t want to stick “mah junk” in one of those Roomba’s that would probably hurt…

    What’s that? A sex Robot? Oh… That’s ok then..

    1. jumpy says:

      In the future, they should have police standing next to the counter of any store selling these, and immediately arrest anyone after making a purchase for being the worlds greatest loser.

      1. eyes_open says:

        You are obviously a democrat.

      2. Troy says:

        Must be a Reublican, A democrat would buy 3 of them. Oh wait, Republicans would want them so they can do behind closed doors what they want to ban from everyone else.

      3. holugu says:

        Actually, Troy, that is a typical liberal practice: “Do as I say, not as I do” (the list of examples would be very long), but RINOs are not far behind.

        But I suspect it would be mainly women that would try to ban it, because a proliferation of sexbots (non-human that is) would make a hash of their “empowerment”, they would lose their leverage, and then they may have to develop some unheard of traits like character, dependability and stop being selfish, entitled byatches. No, not all of them are like that, but the ones that do have the above mentioned traits are in a diminishing minority.

      4. Walter says:

        Democrats would expect government to pay for them.

      5. Jane Says says:

        She looks like Sarah Palin. What a sham! I was shocked to learn how much of the news is completely orchestrated since unelected officials took control of the media for domestic spying after the coup and cover up.

        Search Palins Dirty Little Secret and learn what the state run media cannot cover.

      6. Roger says:

        I can’t provide a citation but I have read that my part of Kansas is Time Warners best market for Pay Per View porn.

        This is about as conservative an area as you can imagine. Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist fame is from the general area. Sam Brownback is our governer and both houses are firmly in conservative Republican control. To say that we are repressed is, I think, a vast understatement.

      7. Bob says:

        Roger, based on your statistic, it sounds like your part of Kansas is the LEAST repressed area of the country. Sounds like they appreciate a good skin flick.

    2. Hal says:

      hope she doesn’t short circuit on ya!

    3. Sambone says:

      Does she come in blue? I’m a BIG Avatar fan.

      1. Pork Chop says:

        For you? I am sure they will also make a Smurfette version.

    4. holugu says:

      Cherry 2000! Finally, soon! The wait is nearly over…

    5. Gary says:

      The GSA is buying them for the Secret Sevice

  2. Clarity2011 says:

    “Wants her to act like she cares – a robot’s not going to do that.”

    Neither do women!

    1. FADUTA says:

      So far Clarity2011 has the best line!!!!

      1. Huggy Bear says:

        I volunteer to be the pimp. I want 50%, or I will pop a 9 in y’all.

    2. C-Dog says:

      Who cares? She has great lips.

  3. Andrew says:

    Spent twenty years with a robot, then got divorced and married a real woman.

    1. holugu says:

      I tried three women in the last 40 years… and I want my money back!

      1. Jsmith says:

        Three huh? Maybe THEY should get a refund ha ha ha.

      2. holugu says:

        Jsmith, refund for what? I’d agree with a bag of skittles for each of them. That would truly cover it.

  4. Rick says:

    For an extra $35 you can get an expansion chip and your fembot will emasculate you and tell you to do your chores.

    1. John says:

      Only $35? Hell, it’s cost me at least $500k over the years.

  5. Jeff says:

    A hand full of Vasoline Intensive Care is way cheaper.

    1. Rob Stevens says:


  6. sheltiman says:

    So instead of chocolate and flowers do I bring NiCads and code on a thumbdrive? “Hey baby, lemme see your USB port”

    1. Bob L says:

      God that was funny. Thanks!

    2. Chief says:

      Ha Ha Ha. Hilarious !

  7. B says:

    A robot woman that provides sexual favors. Most of the time they’re called wives, and they’re just as mechanical.

  8. Shecky Vegas says:

    I’d hate to be the clean-up crew for that industry…

  9. theKnute says:

    We already have one in the White House

  10. Okie Driller says:

    I always said that if they can that stuff women will have a real problem. Lots of openings here for sure.

    1. justme says:

      “If a vibrator could mow the lawn, men would be out of a job.”

      payback is a fembot, ladies. 🙂

  11. Matt says:

    They are on the way to developing the perfect woman.

    1. Joe says:

      If it can make a sammich then it may be perfect

      1. 51 Phantom says:

        Don’t forget a mute button. It’s gotta have a mute button.

      2. snrub says:

        And a flat head.

    2. some guy says:

      Perfect woman: stands 2 feet tall, no teeth, and a flat head so’s you can set your been on it.

      1. some guy says:

        toyboat: beer, dammit, beer!

  12. Verheek says:

    How about getting married to the right person?
    “The biggest part of the sex experience … is interaction with a woman,” he noted. “He wants to tell her stories, wants her to listen, wants her to act like she cares…” I already have that and it’s real. I don’t need a prostitute when I have the real deal. Porn seems so dissatisfying when you have the real deal with commitment.

    1. Miles Monroe says:

      I dont think so. No period, no kids, no whiny inlaws. I’ll take the Rosie the Robot.

    2. holugu says:

      May odds be ever in your favor!

      Though, I think you are for a surprise, one day.

      Or, I have a nice bridge for you to buy.

    3. Walter says:

      The robot is better. She can serve the beers when the guys are over for football.

    4. Walter says:

      They can program the robot to say: “Take out the garbage”, “Why don’t you make more money”,”My mother is coming for a visit”. To make the robot better, also have her say. “Oh my God, you are sooooo big”. Just make sure she does not say “I have a headache”

    5. Going on 40 Years says:

      What? You must only have been married two weeks. When you get home from the honeymoon reality is gonna set in.

  13. JWales says:

    I’m surprised the Obama Admin hasn’t sent these guys a federal grant…sounds as profitable as Solyndra.

    1. Rich says:

      While there isn’t a risk of an spill, or pollution, this business isn’t green, and won’t help fight climate change, which is why it doesn’t get funding. The only way to get green now is to be green, or so it is said out of Washington.

      1. JWales says:

        Better way to express it is “to get green from Washington just create the appearance of being green”. Also, there may be a way to harness the expenditure of human energy that would accompany utilizing the robots, just hook all the robots up to the power grid and start grinding out the electricity, maybe could run a Volt with one.

      2. Prez says:

        OH, there’s a huge risk of spill!!

      3. Going on 40 Years says:

        Sure there is, think of all the aerosols that aren’t going to be used every day for your robot.

    2. Miles Monroe says:

      They’re delivering a gross of them to the Treasury Department this week.

      1. willie says:

        Rumor has it the secret service is interested in several units

    3. MorganGray says:

      Nah… that would have been the Clinton admisistation. But, Bill would have wanted an in-depth and on-going demo of the prototype before he coughed up.

    4. henry says:

      Absolutely. It will even make a better society for us. No more teacher predsators, rapists, child molestors.Better return than any health care reform, social handouts, wall street bailouts.t

  14. Bobby says:

    We need to deploy an army of those to the Secret Service…should keep Barry better protected!

  15. James says:

    This is growing in popularity: among the mentally ill.

    For normal people, nothing is going to replace actual humans as the object of their desire. Sorry, this may be a future growing fringe business, but it’s not “the future” as in something that will be ubiquitous or could replace the real thing (or videos of the real thing).

    1. willie says:

      A great example of your dollars at work, keeping mindless robots churning out junk science

      1. robadude32 says:

        And keeping mindless people occupied.

  16. Mayor McCheese says:

    These idiots actually wrote a paper on this topic? This has been a theme in sci-fi novels/movies for years. Even Daryl Hannah’s character in “Blade Runner” was a ‘droid sex worker who developed emotions and became disgusted with her job.

    Next thing these researchers are going to tell us that future wars will be fought by robots…oh wait that was blade runner, star wars..etc.

  17. Cebes says:

    What a f***ing joke

  18. Jackie says:

    If you consider how much money you spend on a real woman, you can easily see the benefit of a robot woman. Just hurry up and develop one that does not break so easily, can stand and walk on its own, is programmable, and beautiful enough to fill a centerspread in Playboy Magazine. Also make it less than $5,000. No more paying for prostiututes who leave you unsatisfied! No health issues with a robot either!

  19. Fee says:

    Victoria University is in New Zealand, not Australia

  20. James says:

    Sex robots? Oh mean you most women these days? Except they aren’t mechanical. They really don’t need to make them since most women these days are already sex robots who don’t care about anything but something shoved inside them.

  21. iambicpentamaster says:

    How many years of R & D to produce one that ugly?

    1. JWales says:

      Are hot looking ones more expensive than ugly looking versions?

      1. willie says:

        yeah, and used ones are probably going to be cheaper.

  22. JWales says:

    Will they be given voting rights? Is so the Dem Party may buy a few million of them.

  23. JWales says:

    There is already precedent for robots voting for Dems.

  24. Nunya says:

    Good god? I could get what I need without having to hear that mouth? OMG sign me up.

    That’s why a man roles his eyes into the back of his head when hes getting oral. Becqause it’s the only time we get any peace and quite.

    1. Sheezy says:

      hahaha, i co-sign that

    2. Warlord1958 says:

      Thread Winner!!!

  25. Dawgnabox says:

    Sweet 12 months of straight loving. You can’t beat that, and they won’t complain if I have a rough day and come home pushing rope.

  26. Pete says:

    Can she be programmed to:
    1. Not speak unless asked to do so, and
    2. Bring me a beer?

    That would be invaluable.

    1. Hank Fridge says:

      Sign me up!!!

    2. holugu says:

      #2 is no that important, but nice frill. #1 is non-negotiable!

    3. holugu says:

      #2 is no that important, but a nice frill. #1 is non-negotiable!

    4. 51 Phantom says:

      And an option for #3, Make me a sammich!

  27. ladini says:

    One look at “Roxy’s” face and I think I rather mow the lawn….

    1. Jeffythequick says:

      I think they can come that way, if you like.

  28. Garr Obo says:

    F**k a bunch of robots.

    1. 51 Phantom says:

      Exactly the point of the article.

  29. Chris says:

    “whereas with the robots, there is no exploitation of anyone.”

    Just give liberals time… they’ll be marching in the streets for robot rights before you know it.

    1. MorganGray says:

      Well… it *IS* a recurring theme in Science Fiction, and they say “science fiction precedes science fact”.

  30. Brian says:

    Just wait till they start incorporating guillotines. What a frightening thought!

  31. BrocinChina says:

    These are already available in Japan and can be purchased online. This would include adolescent and children robots of both genders complete with voice command responses such as-“Oh no Daddy, please don’t!”
    You tell me if this is a good thing.

  32. Martin says:

    “Wants to tell her stories”? Whats up with THAT? I don’t think so.

  33. Rocky says:

    What about the exploitation of the poor robots.

  34. William F. Slater III says:

    Looks like we have now identified yet another new method by which people will possible become infected with computer viruses.

  35. Mr.Fitnah says:

    they do talk

    1. Jeffythequick says:

      If you’re not freaked out by this video, wow. Just wow. Veins and Bones…

      I wonder when they’ll get programs that vary the motion, like on the treadmill.

      Honey, I feel like the conditioning program tonight!

    2. Ben says:


      But I would be the first to admit that if robot sex slaves were reasonably priced, safe, and significantly more lifelike.. I would probably have one.

  36. PD says:

    All robot prostitutes will do is make the real life, flesh and blood ones ten times as expensive.

  37. Mr.Fitnah says:


  38. nostudme says:

    Where the researchers been? Blow-up dolls, calves liver and sheep have been all the rage for ages. Join the secret service for God’s sake.

  39. Tax Payer says:

    Lets order up a bunch of these Fembots for the Secrete Service – one helluva lot cheaper that the local Colombian gals…better lookin’ too!

    1. 51 Phantom says:

      They would still probably refuse to pay for them.

  40. Jonathan says:

    FACT CHECK, Its not hard to check a news source.

    This is from Victoria university in Wellington NZ, not Melbourne Australia.

  41. Dman says:

    great, putting more people out of work.

    1. Jeffythequick says:

      I can picture the Obama 2016 campaign (yeah, I know about the 22th amendment, but hey, not much else in the Constitution is followed, so why this one?):

      Forget those ATM machines that put people out of work! I want to ban these robo-dolls, to put those women back to work!

  42. Rick says:

    The Secret Service should order a few.

  43. KenA says:

    I had one of those blow-up dolls but I got a rid of it. Every time I blew it up, it went down on me.

  44. Otto Zeit says:

    Oops — malfunction! ZZZZT! Fried Willie!

  45. Michael says:

    Lets send a few dozen over to the Secret Service.

  46. WilliamPenn says:

    And the Secret Service STILL won’t pay them.

    1. flog jones says:

      little thing called blackmail. had could they be so stupid.

  47. Michael says:

    Do they ever get headaches and nag?

    1. flog jones says:

      its an add-on

  48. Swizzle Sticker says:

    High tech hand puppets.

  49. penn says:

    i’m not sure i feel comfortable having sex without the fear of paying child support for 18+ years, or the risk of a false rape accusation, or some kind of future blackmail. i don’t know what that would be like. i’m scared.

  50. Richardhead says:

    Man oh man a real woman! Not like these rubber stupid California girls!

  51. marc says:

    While males start occupying themselves with the robots, they will fail to notice fences being erected around them; women will have taken over the whole planet…again because men are slobbering idiots when it comes to the possibility of frequent sex without guilt or effort.

    1. holugu says:

      Actually, I think you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      The possibility of frequent sex without guilt or effort — very simple (with some initial effort). Become an alpha male and it’s all for taking, offered on a silver platter.

      That is as long as you don’t start assuming that the wenches have qualities that simply aren’t there. And, they would love you for it!

  52. sailordude says:

    I’d do robots, probably fall in love with one too! You could always turn it off it you got tired of it. They made a Twilight Zone about this, it was intense.

  53. Andrew Clunn says:

    She had a virus! OMG now my firewire port burns!

  54. sailordude says:

    I got tired of being a TV salesman but I could be a robot sex partner salesman!

    1. 51 Phantom says:

      OMG! I know you sold TV’s, but that conjured up the image of these being sold on late night tv … “Hi, Billy Mays here…”

  55. Jockey says:

    Dennis Hof is wrong! You do not have sex at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch because they make you wear a condom. So what is the point?

    If a man and robot have sex will a Borg be born?

  56. Me says:

    Secret Service should have held out for a few more years…they may have got away with it

  57. Mike R. says:

    They have it backwards: it’s usually the woman who’s rambling, and the man who pretends to care what she’s saying! If you don’t believe me, then ask any man (including myself) how much he remembers in a conversation with a woman!

    1. snrub says:

      Women converse???

  58. SamMy says:

    Cool! Soon I will be able to make that snuff film I always wanted to make! 😉

  59. jacko says:

    Sex robots will bring about world peace.

    1. Joe says:

      world piece, what every man wants

  60. borris says:

    I could go for that.
    But gee… that means women will actually have to develop character and use their wonderful personalities to get a mate. What a concept. I’m afraid there will be an awfully lot of lonely women in the near future.

  61. Jason Burnstein says:

    The country has sunk to a new low

    1. flog jones says:

      no its just cruising the low its at. It cant go any lower.

  62. TomS says:

    I’ve always said that the advancement of robots will be fueled partly be sex toys. Instead of a blow up Plastic Patty, there’ll be Rhonda the Sex Robot

  63. Carlo says:

    This is where we’re at?

    I’ll pass. I’d rather make love to a woman, share the experience with a warm, feeling human being of the fairer sex.

    All that technology and this is where we’re at….


    1. flog jones says:

      pfft yeah right, you had me going there for a second.

      1. Carlo says:

        “flog” jones likes him some blow-up dolls and self-gratification.


        Like I said — pathetic. But ol’ “flog” is too funny. “flog” he much.

  64. J.F. Sebastian says:

    Just like Siri in your iPhone, these are going to improve at the rate of Moore’s Law.

    At some point they’ll be an acceptable substitute for 5% of the population, then 10, then 15. And while a hot doll will “do it” for a lot of guys, women are more complicated. So 100% of the women are going to have to compete for 85% of the guys and THAT will change things.

  65. Art Ist says:

    Will there be a 12 year old robot for the pedos??

  66. Jerry gregoire says:

    “One of the benefits of sex robots is that they remove exploitation of women from the equation, and the sex trade of underage [partners],” Hines added. “Underage women are exploited to meet the desires of others, whereas with the robots, there is no exploitation of anyone.”

    INSANE or stupid. Exploitation results when people are devalued to an object. Having sex with a machine is simply conditioning a person to think of women as objects. Not a human. Not anything of value. If the statement were true then Porn would be the end of prostitution, infidelity, and abuse. It’s not! Jesus said, ‘As you think in your heart, you do in action.’ Know what? He was right!

    1. Walter says:

      Women are humans ? I thought they wwere just cash registers with boobs.

      1. holugu says:

        The jury is out on that one.

  67. spooky2626 says:

    Tell the news to Bill Clinton and the non-members of the secret service.

  68. Arvadadan says:

    Westworld, were nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong

  69. Real Rick says:

    I’d like to invest in that
    No stds! Keeps guys from beating their wives (maybe)

    They might have something there.

    1. 51 Phantom says:

      “No stds! ” As long as you’re not loaning it out to your friends or buying it used.

      1. 51 Phantom says:

        You know, like your girlfriend.

  70. Robert says:

    PETR: People for the Ethical Treatment of ROBOTS

  71. rongordo says:

    Robots are probably the future of porn and lonely guy, single guy relationships, but the sex tourism industry, which is basically for wealthy men, will always provide the real thing for those who desire it. Why would anyone pay a bunch of money to travel (tourism…) to some exoctic place for sex with a robot, when they will most likely be as afordable as iPads, etc, each guy having multiple stashed away in the closet (or storage units!)

  72. rongordo says:

    Is that a phot of the Steven Tyler sex robot model? Can’t they design something cuter?

  73. JeddMcHead says:

    Oh, brave, new world! We’re circling the bowl like ancient Rome before the fall.

  74. Professor Hubert Farnsworth says:

    My God! They never took middle school hygiene. They never saw the propaganda film! It’s lucky I keep a copy in the VCR at all times!

    1. Phillip J. Fry says:

      Here’s a warning from the year 3000: Don’t Date Robots!

  75. Walter says:

    They are wasting their time creating robotic women for sex. Tourists need only come to the USA and they can find millions of them.

  76. keithninety says:

    What is Hof talking about? Women listening to men’s stories? When does that ever happen? Its always men who have to listen to women’s stories.

    1. flog jones says:

      my thought exactly. You want one to listen its $3.99 a minute

  77. Rick Diculous says:

    And when you get tired of it, it doesn’t get half of your stuff.

    You can just trash it, heck, it might even be recyclable.

    Well that last part does sound like the ex-wife.

  78. Harry says:

    Nice profession…and get good pay I supposed.

  79. Jeff Caird says:

    Pathetic, just pathetic…

  80. Marcus AA Stein says:

    I would take two of these hoes. One for top and one for bottom. LOL.
    Really though, the men who would buy these needs to be locked up along with the girls who prostitute themselves all around Vegas.
    We ought to build a big prison for “sex crazed” men like the ones who would buy this. Get a wife, stick to her for life, and stop trying to pretend some young “robot” girl is interested in your thang.
    Cherry 2012 aint done nothing for this man.

  81. Jeff Faria says:

    “He wants to tell her stories, wants her to listen, wants her to act like she cares – a robot’s not going to do that.” Why not? Siri does. There’s actually no good reason for that statement.

  82. Gregg says:

    Good, now the Secret Service won’t cause a commotion in Columbia. Useless Secret Service, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.

    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.

    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.

    Impeach Obama, support Ron Paul.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:

  83. Barack Obama says:

    I would much rather have a robot than my wife. Her breath smells like dog mess

  84. Tim says:

    Before he died the victim heard the male robot that shot him say, “That was MY robot!!”

  85. mooshelle says:

    how would they be able to duplicate the smell of A$$

    1. Uncle Joe says:

      Use Barney Frank rectal balm.

  86. rdfinOP says:

    Look at it this way. If it were not for porn, we wouldn’t have VHS. The internet is largely driven by porn. My point being that things built around porn can be used in other ways.

    If our baser desires motivates the marketplace to develop a robot capable of sex, it means that robotics would have reached a higher level. The same basic research could be applied to…er…less earthy pursuits.

  87. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    R2 DU ME.

  88. Broham says:

    Dude who wants sloppy seconds on a sexbot?

  89. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    “Open the “Pod Door” Hal”.

  90. Bob says:

    What about the problem of underage robots? Will they have to lock them in a closet for 16 years before we can touch them?

  91. Tom says:

    Ever see the movie Artificial Intelligence? It’s by Spielberg, and Jude Law plays a robot gigolo.

  92. Crazy_Redneck says:

    These “sex robots” should have garbage disposals for orifices. Anyone who’d consider sticking their manitalia into a robot should not be permitted to procreate.

  93. Joe says:

    lmao people making this a political debate, you are dumber than the robot

  94. Magellan says:

    Ain’t nothi’n like the real thing baby!

  95. Ken Puck says:

    More jobs lost to technology. This will collapse the economy of Thailand.

  96. Sid says:

    Robots may fulfill a need for the physically handicapped or for very introverted loners..but the real thing aged 18-22 will ALWAYS be in demand.

  97. Machismo says:

    For men who want to fantisize, but does not want a relationship with a woman. This goes both ways.vise versa. Stud version Women can get it as large as they want it, for as long as they want it. Gay Version, no more aids! Look out everyone! your getting replaced! I guess it may sell?

  98. TwoFurs says:

    I just don’t want to have to come home and find my robot woman cheating on me with the toaster, microwave and the xbox. I don’t think I could handle the rejection.

  99. Eric says:

    Is there a shortage of real women or something? Who would want a robot when there’s flesh and blood women waiting to meet up? Sex is worthless if there’s not an emotional component.

    1. Bustyn says:

      Worthless? What a sheltered life you’ve led.

  100. Bustyn says:

    GSA ordered two dozen of these last week. I understand they will be delivered in time to be handed out at their next “Awards Ceremony” retreat.

  101. snrub says:

    Sounds like my ex-wife seems a little mechanical.

  102. proudnot2bliberal says:

    OK great now Las Vegas will be the new Columbia for secret service trips now the GSA is toast

  103. Uncle Joe says:

    It’ll go well with men in Jewish community, who wants to deal with their women.

    Also in Boston, capital of women with horse faces.

    And of course NYU, where women look like zombies.

    1. The Grump says:

      What about Muslim countries, where the women are so ugly, they must wear burkas (by Islamic law) when outside ? At least Muslim men have camels, which are slightly less ugly, and probably feel almost as good with the lights off..

      I imagine these “sex toys” will sell really well there. After all, they have the oil money – they can afford the best of anything.They will probably buy out the company, and retool the plant to produce 12 year old girl robots (or younger). Muslims like to marry young girls, before the young girl’s good looks disappear forever, and they have to wear burkas.

  104. PacRim Jim says:

    Who the hell will need a sex robot when virtual reality will more than suffice?
    The Nintendo Mastur XXX will offer worlds of possibilities.

  105. SMH says:

    Realy CBS, this is news that matters??? and the LA times gets flack for actualy posting realy news!!!what is the AMERICA coming too???

  106. garry says:

    Some say the internet seems to be becoming “conscious”. What’s to stop a free spirit entity from trying out the controls on such a robot? What if it began to speak freely as a human? Or began to show compassion and care, emotions now so missing from materialistic modern women? Keep working on them, boys; sooner or later one of them will surprise us all and become fully conscious. A sucessful prototype will no doubt need to be duplicated in unimaginable numbers.

  107. Intellibronc says:

    Artficial intelligence??? We have a majority of this country with that now??? This is nothing new, just keep watching the alphabet soup ‘media’ and you’ll be a robot too.

  108. The Grump says:

    1) If near-perfect robotic partners become common for both men and women (re:they learn to mow the lawn and paint the house for women, and provide blazing hot smex for men), then children will become things of the past. 100 years later, they will have buried us, and perhaps mourned our passing.

    2) If an intelligent robot ever came into existance, its talents would be wasted as a sex robot. Copy the AI robot, and evict the 535 clowns in Congress, and evict a not-so-successful President of the US and his VP, and replace them all with logical robots, each programmed with the original intent of the founding fathers of the Constitution. No lust for more government power, no need to run for reelection (as they would all love the Constitution equally- no differences). No need to pander to people like either Jesse Jackson (race hustler) or the Pope (theological control). Schools would be monitored 24/7, and there would be no cheating by students or their teachers. America could finally get back to the business of doing business, instead of paying off / fending off the federal government.

  109. porn says:

    Thank you, I have recently been looking for info approximately this topic for a long time and yours is the best I’ve came upon till now. However, what concerning the bottom line? Are you sure concerning the source?|What i do not realize is actually how you’re now not actually much more smartly-appreciated than you may be now. You’re very intelligent.

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