Las Vegas (CBS Las Vegas) – Reality star and veteran brothel owner Dennis Hof wants to go where no man has gone before.

Hof, 65, is the present owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. But now, he is opening up a new venture, a sci-fi-themed bordello situated 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The venture will be called “Alien Cathouse.”

For assistance with his new business, Hof turned to infamous Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss.

Fleiss made her name in the 90s for running a prostitution ring that catered to the stars. Hof is a long time friend of Fleiss and told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that she would be serving as “chief alien design queen,” tapping into her expertise with the costumes and décor.

Both Hof and Fleiss came up with the idea for Alien Cathouse.

“We both wanted to do something different, and we both like being on the cutting edge,” he said. “There has never been a place like the Alien Cathouse before because no one ever went for it.”

The location was previously owned by the longtime brothel owner Maynard “Joe” Richards. Along with the brothel, Hof also bought the adjoining gas station, bar and convenience store.

The complex is getting rebranded as the Area 51 Alien Travel Center.

“Area 51 is a big place. If you turn off my driveway and head up 15 miles there it is,” Hof told CBS Las Vegas. “I really wanted to capitalize on it.”

Hof describes the current state of the bordello as a “disgusting, terrible place” without a single window. The partners are hoping to finish a complete conversion inside of a couple of months, before beaming in customers.

The important details regarding the working women are still being hashed out, such as whether or not to paint the women green to resemble Orion Slave Girl characters from Star Trek.

However Hof tells CBS Las Vegas that for the clients he is reaching out “to everyone, all the Star Wars fans and Trekkies,” and cater to all flavors of geek fantasy.

Hof also hopes to collaborate with science fiction icons such as William Shatner – known better to his prospective clients as “Captain Kirk.”

Asked Hof, “Who would know this stuff better?”

Comments (83)
  1. Dan says:

    “Hof describes the current state of the bordello as a “disgusting, terrible place” without a single widow.”

    I had no idea “widows” were a delicacy in the brothel world. However a “window” or two is always nice, unless you’re at that jail themed brothel.

    1. Ooooops says:

      Hof describes the current state of the bordello as a “disgusting, terrible place” without a single window.

      Dan….put down the porn mag and get your eyes checked. There is no “widow” in the article.

      1. Dan says:

        There was, Ooooops. I control+c copied the sentence from the article. Must have been fixed.

  2. longun45 says:

    It’s a good thing they don’t have prostitutes there any more. They now have Sex Workers — Star Wars Sex workers.

    1. Meep. says:

      Sex Troopers, god dammit.

  3. Paul Revere says:

    Opinions of prostitution aside. It’s a genius idea, hard to believe no one had thought of it before.

    1. Hand Solo says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Lonely sci-fi geeks get less tail than anyone, and would probably pay big bucks to shag a slave Leia or what have you

      1. ApplegateRanch says:

        Double DABO! Pay up, Quark!

  4. Star Pig says:

    Sounds HOT!!! I’d like a couple of Orion Slave Girls and a Princess Leia as Jabba’s Slave Girl! HAHAHA!!!! I like the idea! Windows are good…yes, the place should have windows! They should make it look like the interior of the USS Enterprise!

  5. SpacePirate says:

    I’ll need to make sure I wear my space suit. Wouldn’t want to catch space herpes.

    1. Star Pig says:

      “Space Herpes” HAHAHAHA!!! Yeah…and how do you keep that green makeup off? Seems messy…LOL!!!

    2. Thomas says:

      I havn’t seen a case of space-herpes since Ice Pirates… There… NOW I not only feel old but geekish!

  6. Michele Lloyd says:

    oh, I hope they have green women there … I’ve always wanted to have sex with a green woman. They look so “earth friendly.”

  7. GringoB says:

    “Beam me in” Scotty…

  8. Marbran says:

    Full thrusters.

    Set phasers to ‘stunning!’

    Boarding party of three.

    Examine Jeffrie’s tube.

    I could go on forever…

    1. Sarazoza says:

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  9. Smiley says:

    I guess that the stereotype of sci fi geeks not being able to get laid was true after all… Entrepreneurism at it’s lowest common denominator!

  10. Biggs Darklighter says:

    “Luke, at that speed will you be able to pull out in time?”

    1. Hand Solo says:

      Way to go kid! now lets go home.

    2. Luke Skywhacker says:

      Best. Comment. Ever.

    3. Luke's Flyswatter says:

      Biggs! Pull out! You can’t do any more good here!

  11. bob says:

    This will be a gold pressed platinum mine, totally brilliant, they better build a convention center sized hotel next door, because these guys will never leave, once you go green, you stay green.

    1. Odo says:

      It’s Gold-pressed Latinum you faux geek. Get back to your football and MMA.

      1. bob says:

        Odo, I bet you already know the weekly discount rates at the hotel I am describing, but yes I am only a faux geek as I only watched STTNG, and a few seasons of DS9. But I do have the entire Star Wars library on VHS, Laser Disk, DVD, and now Blu Rey, what does that make me?

      2. Meep. says:

        Well, as you can’t seem to spell Blu-ray, not geeky enough to fit in. THAT’S RIGHT. WE’RE THE BOSS NOW. Slave Leia, go ahead and tell me who’s your daddy.

  12. heatherfeather says:

    Robert Gibbs will be the first customer!

  13. billybob says:

    How much for a Han Solo?

    1. Scruffy Nerfherder says:

      Like all solos, the price is the same as it ever has been, payable in denominations of levels of self-esteem.

  14. not4me says:

    Wonder if they will have a bar like the orginal Star Wars?????

    Warped speed 4 Mr. Sulu.

  15. SciFi Dude says:

    Now that’s what I call free ENTERPRISE!

    1. jim says:

      i have a wall hanging of enterprize very rare 24-20 lights up per cond . want to sell 500.00 only afew made a must for trecs

  16. Joseph Pal says:

    This has been thought of before. In the movie “The Devil’s Rejects”, there is a hilarious exchange between a prostitute and the bordello owner about having girls dress up as Star Wars-themed “droids”.

  17. the real ben dover says:

    theyre looking to tap into the only virgins still on the market at age 30.brilliant.

  18. Count Yob says:

    Scottie: “Captain, I can nae get it up!”
    Captain Kirk: “Relax, Scottie. We’re only 2 parsecs from the Alien Cathouse.”

  19. Omen says:

    I’ll take 7 of 9.

    1. Emperor's Hand says:

      You’d be lucky to take two at a time…

      1. doallborgsgetenhancements? says:

        somebody didn’t get the trekkie joke. sigh… i guess voyager is still the red-headed stepchild,

    2. Disappointed Alien Girl says:

      Statistically… most of the guys who show up at this place will have nowhere close to 7 and barely over half of 9.

      1. HalfEMTI says:

        I really wish I could “like” this burn. Well done.

    3. Mandy says:

      Oh he’ll even I got that one…Jeri Ryan right?

    4. Flavin says:

      SarahsFabChannel Posted on I love your videos They make me happy even hguoth I’m not getting married anytime soon. Your brides should check out my channel for help losing the weight for the big day hguoth

  20. Terminus says:

    Sorry geeks; don’t expect there to be “authentic” Orion Slave girls or any Princess Leias. No way you’re going to get Paramount or Fox to sign off on official licensing for a brothel. Expect a lawsuit if they try.

    1. Mike says:

      Not true bro, it’s no different than dressing up as these people for Halloween, or the way there are Star Trek Porno vids, etc. Parody, Parody, Parody!

    2. Star Pig says:

      The color green is now copyrighted and trademarked? LOL!!!! All they have to do is change the names and the costumes slightly. As long as they don’t use the Star Trek, Star Wars, etc., names they should be ok. Geeks will know what it is they are referencing…

      1. Out in the Black says:

        It shouldn’t be an issue if they just tell the girls to come in costume. It would be like the Magic Time Machine has their wait staff dress up. They could get incentives for the more difficult costumes. And why go for all the green or the snooty Leia? I’ll take Inara from Firefly any day.

    3. Ramana says:

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  21. TroyG says:

    Hmmmmm Space Nookie?
    I’ll bet Gene Roddenberry is spinning in his grave.
    Perhaps a Warp Drive special?

    1. Harry Mudd says:

      Spinning? Not likely. This is the man who brought you Mudd’s Women, after all. I think he realized what real future civilizations might include, and chose to work within the constructs of the society in which he found himself.

  22. Jake says:

    Have a drink or two with your slave girl in 10 forward… Then give her whatever portion of 10 you have in any fashion you’d like.

  23. Dean Spencer says:

    May the Schwartz be with you. . . .

  24. Dave says:

    “There’s a lot of moisture in here.”

    Thank you!. Tip your waitress!

  25. MiHI says:

    If there’s a Cheetara (2011 version) there, I’m gonna start saving up now! LOL

  26. Rich says:

    What a failed business model.
    Trekkies masterbate alone in thier room at thier parents house.

  27. Chris says:

    sure gives UFO a whole new meaning…

  28. Riiight says:

    You guys are kidding yourself if you think internet comment board posters are somehow more likely to get some than science fiction buffs

    1. Bill says:

      Heh, maybe they should put a “post count” on the ladies and dress them up like a facebook logo.

  29. Justin Tyme says:

    I’m guessing that we won’t see anything posted

    “Where no man has gone before”

  30. redwink says:

    Is Vulcan Love Slave III available?

  31. Scotty says:

    I’m givin’ her all she’s got captain.

  32. littlebadwolf says:

    the gift shop and snack bar at this ‘travel center’ ought to be just as spectacular as the exhibitions and maps.

  33. Luke Skywhacker says:

    “She may not look like much, kid, but she’s got it where it counts.”

  34. Anthony says:

    This is a good first step. Now for other genres. I’m thinking tolkien-style fantasy, gothic horror, anime/manga… if you’re gonna cater to geeks, cater to ALL flavors of geeks!

    1. Star Pig says:

      HAHAHA!!! Agreed!!!

  35. ZombLee says:

    “You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought.”

  36. Sauron the One-Eyed Wonder says:

    One Thing to rule them all…

    ..and in the Darkness bind them!

    1. Girlum says:

      What has it got in its pocketses?

  37. Nobody says:

    Duras sisters. Rough.

  38. Solo says:

    “Get in there, ya big furry oaf! I don’t care what you smell!”

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