deanna385 Favre's Wife Reacts to Scandal

Brett Favre’s wife Deanna is responding to reports that Brett sent lewd text messages to a female New York Jets reporter back in 2008. While promoting her book “The Cure for the Chronic Life” on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Thursday morning, Deanna Favre did not address the allegations against her husband specifically, except to say she’s using “her faith” to deal with the situation. Mrs. Favre added that she has already gone through many tribulations in her life, including the death of her brother in a 2004 ATV accident, and her own battle with breast cancer in recent years, so she is confident she can handle anything. Brett Favre met with NFL officials at Vikings headquarters earlier this week about the investigation. He has refused to discuss the allegations, saying only that it’s a league matter.

  1. Anthony Hopkins says:

    I really think that Brett Farve should deal with this in a private manner. This should be handled professionally and away from teh public. He and his family has a right to privacy when it pertains to this matter.

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