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A neighborhood in Houston, Texas has gone to the birds. A massive influx of egrets has homeowners in an uproar due to their loud calls and foul-smelling waste, which has caused pools and playgrounds to close. KHOU-TV's Drew Karedes reports.
New DNA evidence surfaced in the case of Henry McCollum and Leon Brown, who were imprisoned for the 1983 slaying of an 11-year-old in North Carolina
The troubled city will try to convince a federal judge of its plan to wipe out billions of dollars in debt
NFL takes punitive measures against Jim Irsay after he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor for operating a vehicle while intoxicated
32 teens broke out of detention center late night; local police say they weren't alerted for over an hour; several remain at large
After a sledding accident killed 17-year-old Susie Mettler, her family set out on a mission to keep Susie's memory alive through her love of animals. WOIO's Blake Chenault reports on a puppy bearing her name trained by prison inmates to help children with disabilities.
The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down briefly in Worcester, Massachusetts last night with winds at about 85 miles per hour. Forecasters said it was an EF0, the lowest rating on the tornado scale.
55-year-old will be required to submit to drug tests after plea stemming from his arrest after a traffic stop in March
Girl's family didn't immediately realize instructor had been shot until one of his colleagues ran over, according to police
Vice President Joe Biden spoke before the start of the Detroit, Michigan parade alongside state and national labor leaders. He emphasized the correlation between the strength of unions and that of the middle class.

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