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Actor Leonard Nimoy will be laid to rest at a private funeral tomorrow, following his death at home Friday in Los Angeles. As "Star Trek's" half-human Mr. Spock, he brought to life one of television's most memorable characters. Carter Evans takes a look at the star's career.
Parts of the Southwest are recovering from a snowstorm with school closings, delayed air travel and treacherous highways. Other parts of the country like Southern California, are expecting rain, which could trigger mudslides. WBBM-TV's meteorologist Ed Curran reports from Chicago.
Congress has narrowly averted a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security for one week because President Obama signed the funding bill. CBS News political director John Dickerson joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" with more on the budget bill.
President Obama signed a one-week funding bill to avert a partial shutdown of the agency minutes before the midnight deadline. Julianna Goldman reports from Washington.
President Obama prevents a partial shutdown of the Homeland Security department by signing a one-week funding bill. All that and all that matters in today's Eye Opener. Your World in 90 seconds.
Attorneys for alleged bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev argued he wouldn't be able to get a fair trial after deadly attack, publicity
In the days before his apparent suicide, Schweich said he was upset over what he thought was an anti-Semitic whisper campaign
The Picasso painting "La Coiffeuse" went missing in Paris over a decade ago, it has now been found in New Jersey.
Nascar driver Travis Kvapil's race car was stolen from his hotel just days before a major race.

"48 Hours": Blaming Melissa

A young daycare worker confesses to killing a toddler and is sentenced to more than 30 years behind bars. But new evidence suggests that investigators got it all wrong. "48 Hours" Executive Producer Susan Zirinsky previews the story.

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