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In what's being called his first comprehensive foreign policy statement, the potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate explains four main principles that guide his views
Officials are determining the recent activities and contacts of Dr. Craig Spencer, who was diagnosed with Ebola in New York City
A New York City physician who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in West Africa became ill and is being tested for the virus; and, Bill Willingham boarded the Empire Builder last week in Seattle as the first member of Amtrak’s residency program for writers. During his trip, Bill Willingham worked on a screen play, a novel, a comic book script, an
As information comes out about the police shooting death of Michael Brown, frustrations are rising
Residents in two cities along the Washington-Oregon border report downed trees and power lines, flying metal, and damage to buildings
Police say an airplane and helicopter collided in mid-air Thursday afternoon near the Frederick Municipal Airport in Maryland
Appeals court throws out a ruling allowing Thorpe's sons to rebury him on American Indian land in Oklahoma
A Maryland Department of Corrections employee is suspended with pay after a murder suspect was mistakenly released from prison. And, as WJZ's Mike Hellgren reports, the suspect is still on the loose.
In the city's first Ebola case, a physician who recently worked in West Africa is now being treated in a specialized isolation unit
Colin Lambert was at the laundromat with his grandparents when the 18-month-old managed to get himself trapped inside the toy claw machine. WLTV's Hilary Magacs reports.

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