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Prosecutors say Georgia woman seeking butt enhancement died after receiving illegal injections from Tracy Lynn Garner
Prosecutors say dogs had been involved in several earlier altercations and owner knew they were dangerous before they mauled 63-year-old woman
Private collector pays big bucks for a 33-year-old slice of cake from 1981 wedding of Diana and Prince Charles
Lawyers for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev say they need more time to evaluate "massive amount" of evidence and explore possible mitigating factors
Roller skating is making a comeback; 14 new rinks have opened across the country in the past year with a new twist on the classic four-wheel fad. CBS News' Colby Thelen reports.
She started with a little dough, and ended up with more than one person could ever need
Malachi Wilson missed his first day of kindergarten because his hair was deemed too long. His family had to provide proof that he is Native American and that having long hair is part of their spiritual beliefs. He's back in school, but his mother isn't satisfied.
Federal judge has thrown out law that would have banned procedure at majority of facilities statewide
Battalion was decorated for extensive combat in WWII and Vietnam; earned grim nickname from high rate of casualties in Vietnam
"Pancho" the 300-pound croc was a neighborhood legend and some area residents are saddened by his death

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