Top Resources For Emergency Preparedness In Las Vegas

February 1, 2013 5:00 AM

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Survivalism and being ready for emergencies is very real in Nevada. Desert residents face the extreme heat of summer and the accompanying dangers of drought, dehydration and heat exhaustion. Living on numerous fault lines, Las Vegas residents are familiar with the underlying threat of the big earthquake which has been predicted for over 70 years. And being in the proximity of missile silos, there is the added threat of nuclear annihilation. Luckily, there is no lack of survival stores and resources in our town, from a Zombie Apocalypse Store to a National Survival Store, plus various helpful websites. Local chain stores have even started carrying bulk emergency supplies, just in case. If you want more security than offered at Target or Walmart, you will probably want to check out any of the following stores or sites to ensure that you truly are ready.

Zombie Apocalypse Store
3420 Spring Mountain Road
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 320-0703

The name of this store may be ‘tongue-in-cheek,’ but the message is very real: be prepared. Nestled within the racks of Zombie Apocalypse tshirts and gift items are emergency supplies and dehydrated food, weapons and the means with which you can keep your family fed, hydrated and safe in case of emergency. This store has become a Las Vegas tourist stop and loyal locals are fascinated by the preparedness featured within the kitschy interior. Zombies or very real natural disasters don’t have a chance against the Zombie Apocalypse Store.

Las Vegas Preppers

The Las Vegas Preppers give like-minded individuals the opportunity to attend classes and meetings appropriate to self-protection and preparedness in case of national disasters. On this website, you can find everything from potlucks to fire department training classes, handgun training, safety classes and more. With the large number of survivalists in town, the group’s ranks are growing and it’s good to know that we have grassroots organizations such as this for reference.

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Las Vegas Storable Survival Food

This website offers everything necessary for survival during any form of disaster, including bulk storable survival foods, featuring a basic disaster survival checklist for preppers. Its all-encompassing “Emergency Food Evacuation Kit” features pretty much everything that an individual needs to survive for 14 days (or two people to survive for one week), with a shelf life of 15 years. You can also find weather forecasts, USDA emergency broadcasts, local emergency locations (police, gas stations, emergency management) and more complex survival gear and equipment.

National Survival Store
4663 Spring Mountain Road, Suite A
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Whether a person agrees or not, one of the main means of survival in case of disaster is the ability to defend oneself. The National Survival Store offers a vast selection of weapons at reasonable cost, with a staff that knows its gear. With a small on-site shooting range, there are better places in town to target practice. But if you want knowledgeable folks when you are looking for a weapon, this could very well be one of the best places in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Office of Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is “responsible for coordinating the preparedness for any major emergency or disaster affecting the city of Las Vegas,” whether it be natural disasters, terrorism, health threats, weather emergencies or city-wide evacuation. On the website, you can find current information on many different levels in order to keep yourself informed and be prepared. The City of Henderson website  offers similar information, including the Homeland Security section with detailed instructions on emergency preparation and the current level of security. Working closely with the geoscience lab at UNLV, there is constant monitoring of fault lines and seismic activity throughout the Valley. UNLV offers an earthquake safety website to help residents prepare for this very real threat. You can also keep informed through this website.

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