Best Places In Las Vegas For 4th Of July Fireworks

June 27, 2011 1:50 PM

lakelasvegas Best Places In Las Vegas For 4th Of July Fireworks

Lake Las Vegas

Address: 1605 Lake Las Vegas Parkway, Henderson, NV


Phone number: (702) 564-1600

Reason why place is best of: Gorgeous off-strip backdrop for Fourth of July fireworks along with a full day of fun for the family every year!

Mark DiCiero, Mix 94.1 FM

westlasvegas1 Best Places In Las Vegas For 4th Of July Fireworks

West Las Vegas

If you not going to be at a house party and lighting off your own fireworks, which is definitely the best, I suggest just finding a nice area on the west side of town with a great view. Since the west side of the valley has a higher elevation, there are tons of great locations to get a view of the rest of Vegas and all the fireworks shows.

JB, 98.5 KLUC

gvr Best Places In Las Vegas For 4th Of July Fireworks

Green Valley Ranch Hotel & Casino

Address:‬‪ 2300 Paseo Verde Parkway Henderson, NV 89052


Phone number:‬‪ (702) 617-7777

Hours of operation:‬‪ 24-7

Reason why place is best of:‬‪ Outstanding long-distance view of the entire valley including the Strip fireworks from the top floor of the north parking garage and top floor hotel rooms on the north side of the resort. Also, great viewing of Station Casinos’ own fireworks spectacular from the pool area.

Cory Olson, KXNT News Radio

desertbreezepark1 Best Places In Las Vegas For 4th Of July Fireworks

Desert Breeze Park

Desert Breeze Park always has a fun show, and there’s a ton of people there so you get a real sense of community. On the downside, THERE’S A TON OF PEOPLE THERE. So plan accordingly, get there early, and plan your parking and escape route effectively. I always park west of the park on Spring Mountain as opposed to in one of the crowded lots.

Dave Farra, X1075

stripfireworks Best Places In Las Vegas For 4th Of July Fireworks

The top of any casino

Best place(s) to watch fireworks (because there are a few):

Parked at the top of the 215 and The Summerlin Parkway The top of the Rio or Palms or The Foundation Room (Mandalay Bay) Desert Breeze Park (also a great place for a picnic) (Also the balcony of our old address on Sahara Avenue)

Alan Stock, KXNT Newsradio

fireworks Best Places In Las Vegas For 4th Of July Fireworks

Dustin’s Balcony

The best place in town to watch the fireworks on 4th of July is on my roof. I’m lucky to have a roof-top balcony with a 360 degree view of the Valley. Every firework show is clearly visible, from the sparklers and roman candles in front of the neighbors house to the illegal arial fireworks imported from the Indian reservations that just almost catch the neighbors house on fire and the professional displays lit off by the casinos. The best part about watching them from my rooftop balcony is I don’t have to drive home drunk (never drink and drive) I just have to be careful not to jump off the balcony! If your rooftop isn’t as cool as mine, you can always take a cue from “The Hangover” and sneak on to any casino roof. Just don’t throw mattresses off the side, they don’t like that! Oh, and make sure you use the buddy system so none of your drunk buddies get’s locked on the roof!

Dustin Carlson, X1075

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