Ask A Stylist: Tips For Finding The Perfect Suit

September 23, 2013 2:41 PM

Christie Moeller
9417 Willowridge Drive
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Christie Moeller is a premier fashion stylist in Las Vegas. If you’ve seen it in print, on the air or on the runway, chances are Christie styled it. Her client list includes GQ Magazine, MTV, VH1, CBS, FHM, Maxim Magazine and almost every hotel in Las Vegas. Working with oodles of models has made Christie a certified expert on fitting clothing. In fact, she can probably take one look at you and know your size, your best color and what styles look best on you. When it comes to looking good for that interview, business meeting or special event, Christie has five tips for men searching for the perfect fitting suit.

Tip 1: Choose a good fabric

Wool is the go-to fabric when buying a men’s suit. Suits are typically made from worsted wool rather than woolen wool, which is used for sweaters and other knitted items. Get something in a mid weight – anywhere from 60-80 or super 100. You can tell if the fabric is a higher quality if it springs back without wrinkling when you grab it.

Tip 2: Don’t be frugal

It is better to spend money on a quality suit that will last for awhile. Research the brands you are interested in buying to find out if the suit is canvassed or fused. A canvassed suit has a layer of canvas beneath the fabric shell that holds the shape and prevents it from sagging. A fused suit has a fusible lining glued to the shell of the suit to hold its shape. Fused suits are less expensive but are prone to stiffness and puckering in the shoulders. The best option is to buy canvassed if it fits within your budget.

Tip 3: Tailoring 

No suit will have a perfect fit off the rack. Find a trusted seamstress or tailor to customize your suit. Your finished product should meet certain guidelines. The jacket should fit comfortably across your stomach and button without pulling. Remember to always leave the bottom button undone. The suit pants should accommodate two fingers of space in the waistband – no more, no less. Wearing suit pants too tight or too loose ruins the line of the suit.

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Tip 4: Consider your age

Young men are looking for something a little more stylish and affordable. They should stick to a suit with a good silhouette instead of picking a designer brand. Mature men should explore quality suits, focusing on fabrics, textures and stitching. If price is no object, consider a custom or bespoke suit. Men that don’t wear a suit jacket all the time should consider getting more than one pair of suit pants for each jacket. This way you can expand your wardrobe without expanding your wallet.

Tip 5: Have fun

Even if you wear a suit everyday, it doesn’t have to become a uniform. A conservative suit can be jazzed up with colorful ties, different types of dress shirts, cufflinks and pocket squares. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, creating your own look. Not sure what color suit to buy? Gray is perfect for any occasion, blue is more casual and black is for formal occasions.

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Christa Emmer is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in broadcast journalism. She has experience as a news writer, editor and producer in television news. Christa has been a Las Vegas resident for more than 20 years. Follow her on twitter @ChristaEmmer. Her work can be found at

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