5 Must-Read Books By Las Vegas Authors

June 25, 2012 6:00 AM

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With a mix of cultures, Las Vegas can boast a mix of arts. Writers of different genres call Las Vegas home, many of whom write about this great city. When visiting a local bookstore, you can usually find a section devoted to local authors. Browse through that collection and you’ll likely see all five included in this list on the shelves. Become an expert in the Las Vegas literary scene by adding these books to your summer reading list.
vegasdie 5 Must Read Books By Las Vegas Authors

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“Vegas Die: A Quest Mystery” – Stephen Grogan

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Stephen Grogan, winner of the Shubert Fellowship in Playwriting and experienced magazine editor, sends the reader on a treasure hunt through Las Vegas for a dagger worth $25,000. The book is actually two mysteries in one. The first is the actual murder mystery the characters (and the reader) are trying to solve; the second is the mystery of the dagger’s location. The dagger was not found after three years of being hidden, and Mr. Grogan only revealed its location on a local news show. Follow along in the adventure and see if you can decipher the location yourself.

captaincooked 5 Must Read Books By Las Vegas Authors

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“Captain Cooked: A Quest Mystery” – Stephen Grogan
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Stephen Grogan‘s second book takes readers through another mystery, this one based in Hawaii. The mystery, in keeping with the title, involves food poisoning, but not the kind that makes one sick. Recipes from the islands are included in the book. This time, if a reader solves the mystery, Mr. Grogan is offering a Hawaiian war club, worth $5,000. He is also contributing a portion of each sale to the Hawaii Islands Food Bank to help the hungry in Hawaii.

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beneaththeneon 5 Must Read Books By Las Vegas Authors

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“Beneath the Neon: Life and Death in the Tunnels of Las Vegas” – Matthew O’Brien
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Matthew O’Brien, managing editor of Las Vegas CityLife, takes a look at life under the neon lights of Las Vegas. Within the sewers and flood system, Matthew learned the history of the city, chased ghosts and discovered that the homeless take refuge within the tunnels. His initial interest began when he heard about a murderer using the sewers to escape the police. Putting himself and an associate, Josh Ellis, into an unknown situation, he researched and lived the information he put into the book.

farmersandmercenaries 5 Must Read Books By Las Vegas Authors

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“Farmers and Mercenaries: Genesis of Oblivion Saga” – Maxwell Alexander Drake
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Maxwell Alexander Drake brings an adventure to life that he has been working on for many years. A young farmer discovers a new adventure while his brother has already started one that will change both of their lives. A mercenary takes a journey to save his son’s life, knowing that it will most likely cost him his own, and a warrior struggles for a freedom he has never known. “Farmers and Mercenaries” is the first in a series of six books planned by the author.

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writersbloc1 5 Must Read Books By Las Vegas Authors

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“Writer’s Bloc” – Henderson Writer’s Group
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Henderson Writer’s Group of Southern Nevada, a local writer’s group, accepts submissions of short stories, novel excerpts and non-fiction for its anthology. “Writer’s Bloc” is the first in the collection, with “Writer’s Bloc II” released in 2008 and “Writer’s Bloc III” being released in 2012. Stories range from fantasy to paranormal, non-fiction to romance. The group also offers students a chance to be published in the anthology, with the winning story receiving a membership to the group and attendance to the Las Vegas Writer’s conference in April of every year.

Residents are always looking for ways to support local authors. If you have a local author you would like to let us know about, please leave a comment below.

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