Live And Local With Kevin Wall 02/25/14: Sharon Angle, Brett VerhagenSharon Angle, One Voice Nevada PAC Chair and Former Nevada Assemblywoman comes in studio to talk Obamacare.
Angle Files To Halt Health ExchangeThe former Assemblywoman files an initiative with the Secretary of State's office.
Opinion: Harry Reid Needs To Apologize To Mitt Romney And AmericaIt may be too late for Harry Reid to “save face”, but it’s not too late for him to “man up” and apologize to Mitt Romney – as well as the American public for his misinformation or lies – like any decent human being would.
Lowden Claims She Can't Pay Campaign DebtsFormer Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sue Lowden claims she can't pay off her debts.
Angle Keeping Distance From Tea Party Former Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle is keeping her distance from a new Tea Party political group.
A Replacement For Raggio Has Been Found
Reid Believes Tea Party Will Disappear
KXNT Exclusive With Senator Harry Reid
Angle Or Reid: The President's Reaction
Is It Safe To Vote Early?
New Poll Shows Both Candidates Dropping
Several Polls Show Different Senatorial Leader

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