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A woman walks by a snow covered area. (cfredit: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

New Mexico Residents Emerge From Snowy Standstill

The city of Albuquerque was back up and running Sunday after being inundated with record snowfall for the past few days.


A truck cruises down I-25 in New Mexico. (credit: Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Strange Looking Billboards Puzzling New Mexico Motorists

Motorists in southern New Mexico are stumbling upon a series of puzzling billboards along highways and fear they’re warnings in hieroglyphics.


People At DMV

New Mexico House Passes Bill To Repeal Immigrant Driver’s Licenses

The New Mexico House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday that would end the state’s practice of giving driver’s licenses to people even if they can’t prove they are in the country legally.


(File photo.  JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images)

Officer Stumbles Upon $33,000 In Artwork At Old Meth Lab

An Albuquerque officer searching a former meth lab stumbled upon artwork by late-American Indian artist Al Momaday that was worth more than $30,000 and likely was stolen, police said.


Empty voting booths. (credit: Tim Boyle/Newsmakers)

Zero Turnout In School Election; Officials Weigh Next Move

The rural southeastern New Mexico town of Hagerman held an uncontested election for three school board seats, but nobody voted. Now what?


(Credit: Comstock/Thinkstock)

Police: Woman Dials Wrong Number, Offers Detective Drugs

Police say a woman selling drugs made a big mistake that landed her in jail — she mistakenly called an Albuquerque police detective.


new mexico officer shooting

Police: Another Albuquerque Officer Involved In A Shooting

Authorities say a police officer fired his weapon during an incident Tuesday but declined to say if anyone was hit or injured.


File photo of a gavel in a courtroom.  (Credit: Thinkstock)

Woman Sues Over Use Of Her School Photo On Novelty Flask

A New Mexico woman is suing a novelty products maker over a flask that includes her likeness and the phrase, “I’m going to be the most popular girl in rehab.”


Bottles of champagne. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Weather Prompts Rescheduling Of New Year’s Event

It was bad enough that weather wasn’t cooperating with plans to hold a New Year’s Eve dancer in Carlsbad, but then the truck carrying the alcohol crashed.


Empty classroom

New Mexico Teacher Quits After Student Writes About Jesus, Pot

A New Mexico high school teacher has left her job after a student rewrote the biblical story about Jesus handing out bread and fish to the poor into a narrative about Jesus handing out marijuana to the sick.