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NV Legislature Bldg

Legislature Looks At New Tax Plan

2 weeks left until scheduled end of session


(photo courtesy: State of Nevada)

Dems Pull Tax Plan After Heated Debate

A debate over education funding turned bitter on the Nevada Senate floor when Democrats accused Republicans of not wanting to compromise on taxes and the GOP minority leader chastised the majority for failed leadership.



Dems Present Their State Budget Today

Legislative Democrats will present their own budget plan for the state today.



$120m Added to State Budget

Governor Brian Sandoval has delivered an Executive Budget amendment to the legislature that increases the state’s revenue projection.



Proposal to Fund State Parks

North Las Vegas state Senator John Lee wants to increase vehicle registration rates by three dollars to offset falling revenues for more than two dozen state parks.



Governor’s Budget Cuts Unveiled

Governor Brian Sandoval’s reform proposals for public schools and the retirement system for state workers were presented yesterday in Carson City.

CBS Las Vegas–03/01/2011

Democrats and Republicans Agree!

More and more state politicians are in agreement, in the fact that new taxes will be needed to balance the state’s budget.  Hear from former Governor Bob Miller, by clicking MORE.


Possible Expansion of State Sales Tax

Would you be willing to pay sales tax on additional items, in order to balance the state budget? Listen to the report, by clicking MORE.