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Utah University Investigates Sperm Bank Switch

The University of Utah has put together a panel of doctors and medical ethicists to find out how a convicted felon working at a fertility clinic two decades ago replaced a patient’s sperm with his own and fathered a woman who is now 21.


File photo of a scientist in a lab. (Photo by PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/GettyImages)

Hotline Fields 17 Calls On Utah Fertility Clinic

The suspect is dead, the fertility clinic where he reportedly replaced a customer’s sperm with his own no longer operates, and the clinic left behind no records behind that might show the extent of the scandal, the University of Utah said Tuesday.


Investigators are trying to determine if Thomas Lippert switched his sperm samples with donors at a fertility clinic. (Courtesy KUTV)

Fertility Clinic Employee May Have Swapped Own Sperm

Family makes discovery after DNA test shows the daughter and father were not related.