department of motor vehicles

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. (photo courtesy: Nevada DMV)

DMV Dash Pass Comes To Vegas

Nevada Department Motor of Vehicle customers can now check in from anywhere.


People At DMV

DMV: Nearly 49,000 Nev. Residents Have Taken Written Tests To Obtain State Driver Authorization Cards

Nearly 49,000 Nevada residents have taken written tests since January to obtain state driver authorization cards, and just under 16,400 people have gotten the documents as of June 11, state Department of Motor Vehicles officials said Monday.


(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Inspector Pleads Guilty In Smog Test Scheme

A former emission control inspector accused of taking part in a smog check scheme has accepted a plea bargain.


People line up to enter the Department of Motor Vehicles.  (credit: David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

DMV: Most Fail Test For Driver Authorization Card

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles officials have advice for immigrants seeking a driver authorization card: study.


(photo credit: State of Nevada)

Nev. License Plates Produced Out-Of-State

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles is outsourcing the making of the state’s 150th anniversary license plates to an Oregon company.


(photo by: Tate South/KXNT-CBS Las Vegas)

DMV Warns Drivers Of Website Scam

The Nevada Department of Motor vehicles has issued an alert for drivers seeking to renew their licenses online.


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Voter ID Project To Cost Less Than Estimated

Secretary of State Ross Miller says his proposal to update Nevada’s election poll books with voter photographs would cost far less than previously estimated.


Busiest Day Of Year At DMV

You may want to pass on a visit to your nearby Department of Motor Vehicles office today.



NV Lawsuit Filed Over ‘GOPALIN’ License Plate

A Nevada man is claiming discrimination by the DMV after his requests for pro-Sarah Palin license plates were denied.


Nevada Motorist's Big Complaint

Traffic congestion, accidents, and road work are fairly common obstacles in our average, daily commute. When asked, however, drivers cite an even bigger problem here in the valley.  Can you name it?